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      i am about to have my little girl in 7 weeks approximatly..give or take a week or two… i am getting so nervous, scared and excited all at the same time…
      lately i have been thinking about the father alot…if youve readmy blogs, youll see that he ran right after intercourse and barley calls to check up on me or the baby…
      i love the support i have with my family and friends, but i wish i could have the father by my side..just someone to hold me and let me know that everything will be alright…but the stuff that he has dont is not all great either…
      one of my best guy friends bought me the sweetest things on valentines day and wrote me the prettiest letter…he has loved me forever and i do too..less than he does, but i still do..i dont want to go too fast with baby on the way…what shouldi do


        🙂 [i][b]The best thing is too follow your heart…


          I would just set up appropriate boundaries with him, let him know that you are nervous about getting involved right away, that you will forever be tied to your baby’s father and he will have to accept that without active jealousy or interfering with the decisions the two of you (father and mother) will have to make, he has to earn that place in your life, he cannot just walk in, be your bf and make parenting decisions, if he wants to marry you down the road and you accept then you will have to allow him to make parenting decisions at that time so make sure that ANYONE you look to having a relationship is the kind of person who will ALWAYS put your childs best interest FIRST, not his feelings about you being on the phone with bio dad or having bio dad show up at school play etc….if you are comfortable having your guy friend in the room with you to hold your hand then invite him, that would put him to the real test real fast…LOL….I do caution you though, obviously we all know how we end up pregnant to begin with, let this tough pregnancy and the permanent consequences of being tied to a jerk for the rest of your life teach you to be very guarded physically in a relationship at least until there is a very firm commitment, but preferably marriage….I learned the hard way twice, I have 3 kids from 3 dads, my third is with my husband of 4 years, we are going strong and happy but we do have a lot of issues with the other kids dads, they are flaky and it is hard on the kids….our daughter has to suffer too because every other year her siblings are either gone for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, or Christmas…and when they leave for a weekend she misses them, so choose very carefully who you will have sex with (if you insist on it before you are married) I feel ya, I went through two pregnancies alone and although I had people in the room with me with my son, I did not have his father by my side, my oldest daughters dad was by my side but we were not together, I actually had a restraining order on him at the time and once the hospital found out they did not allow him around me….I am here anytime! I have read some of your blogs and I am sooooo proud of you! Love Meg

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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