light brown/pinkish and spotting discharge

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      Hey girls , I don’t think i’m pregnant but my period had came june.15 and ended june.21st a week after i started to have light brown/pinkish discharge and it happened on wednesday the 27th and i did intercourse on that same day. and the next day i was spotting and i still have this discharge until this day do you girls know what it could be or ever had this before?


        I also have that the last few days, the light brown discharge. It’s leukorrhea. Get your checkup if it smells bad, or if it is greenish or bloodish. My period is due supposed to be on Sept 6 and its Sept 16 and still there is no sign of period coming, just white discharges, sometimes light brown. I’m pregnant for 5-6 weeks I guess. Been sleepy, tired and hungry for the past few days. I never had a PT, I just knew I’m pregnant. A bit scared, but happy.


          you maybe pregnant coz you said its a week after your period. or get a pregnancy test to be sure.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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