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      I am 17 and 8 weeks pregnant today. (I will be 18 at the time of birth)
      I found out 4 weeks ago,
      For three weeks straight I was determined that abortion was what needed to be done. That I could never be a mother, let alone a teenage mother.
      I only spoke to my mother for the first time about it last night.
      She was shocked and scared, but by no means angry.

      I am unsure of which path to follow.
      The father is in the picture, but his family disowned him last night after a very heated argument.

      My mother is telling me that it is completely my choice, but only giving me the negatives to if I was to keep it.

      Such as:
      -No life
      -People wont want to hire me as I’m a teenage mother
      -Less opportunities in life

      I know I would have a lot of support.
      But I have always suffered from depressions as I’ve had a very volatile past.

      Which also makes me believe I would be useless as a mother.
      I am so lost.


        im 16 i aborted. i would of been just 17 when my baby was supost to be born. it is completly up to you what you do. but remember you have the support of your family. abortion definantly changes the person you are and your very upset around babys. let me no how you go. i can help you through the abortion side of things. althought australian abortions and american are alot different. chin up girl.

        Mommy of 2

          Don’t have an abortion, it will be the biggest mistake in your life. I believe a baby should have the right to live. Take care sweetie, pregnancy is a beautiful thing.


            i can tel u from experience an abortion is totally not a gtood choice and just because u are a teen mother doesnt mean ppl wont want to hire u its how u carry urself and ur work ethnicv had god felt u couldnt be a mother he wouldnt have granted u thiswonderful bless i had an abortion at 19 i really regert it i miss my unborn child i beg for my unborn n gods forgiveness just think had ur mother no giving u a chanceat life u kno kids arent mistakes n although u r pregnant n r carying achid this is a huge decision that onlyu can make no matter wat happens ur child loves u unconditionally if u feel ur not ready than do wat u gotta do but if u feel u r than keep ur baby but its not a mistake u layed down n made this baby n i think this baby would change u n ur life for the better having kids dnt limit ur life it teachs life long lessons and their our lots of agencies n programs to help young parents and jobs n programs strictly for teen mothers thery help u get work , daycare money for college and everythingi think no disrespect but ur mother is just trying to scare u into an abortion because her own personal feelings keep in touch n im here if u need to talk i would love to kno wat u decide


              I am in kind of the same situation. I may possibly be pregnant and i’m only 16. My boyfriend is threatning to leave me if i dont abort it but i can’t bring myself to it. Really, i think you should keep it it would most likely be a hard but good experience for urself and aborting it would be a very sad thing to do. Just do what your heart tells you and dont forget that you can do anything you set your mind to. Stay strong! if you need anyone to talk to you can talk to me if you would like. Good luck!


                Hey Karma,
                I read your post and I just wanted to tell you, I like the advice you gave and I think that you should keep your baby as well.

                I am really sorry to hear that your boyfriend is threatening to leave if you do not choose abortion. I think that he is putting in a really bad choice. The truth of the matter is, this is YOUR choice. Don’t let someone pressure you to do what they want. Be a Stand Up Girl and stand up for what you want.

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