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    sophia roses mummy

      hi im gabby,
      im 26 weeks pregnant with a little girl called sophia rose clarke (16th aug 09)
      i had a abortion on the 9th september 08
      well, i’ve just found out that one of well i fort she was areally good friend called emily has just lied to me that she had a abortion last week on the 14th aug 09 she said to me that she had told her mum & dad & her two sisters and she told me she was 12 weeks pregnant. me and her mum are really close friends shes my mums bestfriend and i talk to her quite alot about personal things like my abortion, and i was talking to her yesterday and i came out with im really sorry about emilys abortion and her mums face dropped and was shocked that i came out with it and she was like what abortion? and then mandy (emilys mum) asked emilys dad about it, he didt have a clue either! Emily made it all up and i dont know how to forgive her for doing that to me when i’ve been thru it and its not a nice thing to go thru at all!
      i just wanted to ask if any one had any advice on what do i do? do i stay friends with her? and how could she lie about something like that, thats just sick! and now shes changed her strory aswell and shes changed who the dad is/was/wast(argh i dont know) 4 times now. i just dont know what to say to her. Advice? please im going insain i just dont know what to do and what happends now.
      thanks Gabriella xxxxxxx


        Sometimes when you go through something like that, people want the attention, as well. I know it’s not the best attention to crave for, but people still do it. I had a friend who faked a miscarriage and then an abortion, and she was never pregnant to begin with. She does sleep around a lot and has gotten an STD twice, but her parents aren’t really much of parents to her. She ALWAYS wants attention from people. Honestly, if this girl bothers you then don’t stay friends with her. I do believe in second chances, but you just simply can’t trust liars. You need to surround yourself with people you can trust to be true to you and themselves.

        sophia roses mummy

          but i still dont know how someone can lie about that tbh


            so hold on is she pregnant at all???
            i dunno how sum could lie about something like that
            id have a serious conversation with her
            and ask her to explain y she lied. especially if you guys
            are so close.!
            i would be livid


              hi, i had a friend like that , i told her i had abortion june 2007 and coming up to the date a year later she pretended she had 1 and made it public put it on her homepage ano trying make people feel sorry for her and now i found out i was pregnant again and instead being happy for me she pretend she was and then she losed it, i just cut her outta my life because she a attention seeker and already had a son who i feel sorry for coz she sleeps around alot and he calls each 1 daddy your friend sounds just like her and going through abortion is really hard choice for people make up they been there she just really sad and your prob be better off not having her as one

              sophia roses mummy


                she was never pregnant
                i have had an abourtion last year and now im pregnant with a little girl due 22nd november 2009! 🙂
                and she is just causing trouble!
                shes spreading rumers and saying i will be an awful mother and i will not be to be honest shes quite chav like and im nothing like her i think its jelousey too becuase i went to a privert school but to be honest its so sad and pathetic but i really dont know how to cope with it!


              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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