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      I posted a couple of forums one stating that I had lost a baby in feb. and wanted another one. Although I already have two and I just started school my pre-recs for nursing. And my husband said that we are young and can have another one after I’m done with school. The other was about a deal more of a joke really that my husband and I made up. We would have another baby right now but I had to leave him alone about chewing. So for some people that thought they said somthing helpfull, I thought I would let you know a little more maybe it would through you of you’re high horse! For one unless you have lost a baby DON’T tell someone to snap out of it, you have no idea what I’m going through! and I love my husband very much and I don’t like to see him chew, But my husband is a vet from Irag that was shot for you and he mostly chews when he gets flash backs instead beating on his wife, like alot of vets do. There now I feel much better thank you and God bless:)


        im sorry for your loss and you have the right to be mad at the whole world, let alone this whole website. The fact remains tho that we cant help the ones that have past but try to make better of ourselves. I dont think i read your forums when u posted them, but i lost my 5 day old babygirl in feb too, so i know EXACTLY how that feels. I know how u want another baby, like this is what your body needs. Trust me, I argue with everyone over this, but you have to give yourself sometime.

        Atleast find out what went wrong exactly, let your body rest for a half a year, if you get pregnant a year from now, your baby will be just as precious. I went on vacation recently and saw one of my family. She had lost her child at one point in time and thought that she could "replace" the pain with love if she was to bring another child into the world. (what i thought, also). She got pregnant and gave to a beautiful babygirl who happens to be slow because of the stress and depression she was dealing with during her pregnancy. This girl cant live a normal life because her mom was selfish and put her own feelings before hers. Please give someone a life to live, when you really can handle it. Its not fair to take the joys of living from someone whos alive.


          That was wrong for someone to tell you to snap out of it. I’m glad you are standing up for yourself and i hope things work out for you.


            I can’t believe first of all that anyone would expect you to just get over it. I’m sorry folks were so callous to you and I can’t imagine your pain. Secondly, my grandmother was paid by her husband to let her hair grow, and my sister was paid to stop biting her nails. Also, my husband jokingly told me when we had our second child that it was either that or a new truck, obviously a joke. Some folks just take things literally. Don’t sweat it if anyone made more out of it than it was. Besides, you’re looking out for your man’s health and that’s what counts.

            Take care.


              where did someone tell you to get over it? ive looked and cant find it and also you gave the impression in your posts that the deal was serious, i think u named one of your posts deal or no deal – the titles are used for people to have a brief understanding of what the main point is, and usually the posts in here are about serious issues and everyone on this website usually takes every post seriously. sorry if u were offended

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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