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      I live in New Jersey… my parents they’re kinda strict, anyways i was wondering (im 17) if i leave my parents house and move in with my boyfriend and they send a cop/police man to get me.. does he absolutely have to bring me home? i mean my dads kinda of abusive (and im sure he’d hurt me) and my mother doesnt want me living with her (she has my physical custody, my parents are divorced) she wants me living with my dad. is there anyway that the cop wouldnt have to bring me back i mean im 17, and say that his family is like ok with me staying with them…?

      please help, if you’ve read any of my posts im sure you know im in a bit of a mess… Thanks, Elena


        Elena, I would try avoiding living with your boyfriend unless you get married…..your parents are divorced and right now you can see how that has affected you. I know that yo are in a tough spot…you dont want to be abused and youre feelin rejected. Moving in with your boyfriend could be the next disaster waiting to happen. You should try contacting a crisis pregnancy center for more info and they might be able to find you a place to go or help you with recourses….I am praying for you and I hope that you will make the best choice that is presented to you 🙂 let us all know how it turns out and visit my page if you ever have any questions…..Meg


          you need to get hold of a legal wise or legal aid in your area and find out.

          or just sit your paretns down and tell them you want to live with your boyfriend,

          you could also get a restraining order against your dad so he cant touch you.

          just stay strong and never stop trying.


            Wow, your situation stinks. If your dad is abusive, they’re rule that out reaaaaaall quick. They’ll atleast have social services look into it. If you have a job you may want to look into being emancipated. Its NOT that easy tho. I dont think they could take you to your fathers house eap. if you tell them that you are afraid he will hurt you. Cops in NJ have better things to do than domestic matters. You’d have to ask a cop and a lawyer this stuff(I AM NOT EITHER). Atleast a social service person. I hope I sort of helped…


              I rly dont know but where I live I guess that would be seen as a runaway situtaion and if I did it I’d end up at "the shelter" Definetly seek out some legal advise before trying it. I agree tho that they wont take u to your dad if you tell them you’re afraid of him hurting you. Best of Luck!

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