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      I am one day late on my period. I have never been late on my period, it always comes the same time or in the same pattern of time. I have been having sex using the pull out method which I know isn’t very protective. I took a pregnancy test today that I got at the dollar store and it read negative. Is it too soon to test? Also the test measures only 25 ml. When should I test again? Should I get a stronger test too?


        id wait till its about 1 week late than test again do you ahve any sypm. yes the pull out method isnt very good i got preg 4 times with that method. the 1$ store tests actually work good but you also may wannt to go to the doc or call them. good luck keep me posted


          when i took my test i was only like 1day late 4 my period and i took the cheapest test the store had and took it after i got out of school in the store bathroom! the chances of getting a + if it’s already read – and ur late isn’t too high, but i’d try again, and if u didn’t do it in the AM when u first go pee then try it that way…good luck!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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