late period ??

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      hey guys
      just wondering if anyone can help. im currently 3 weeks late which has never happened before, and i have several others odd things going on, headaches nausea fatigue stomach aches like ive got my period or about to but it never arrives 🙁
      i had a test at my doctor that came out negative last week and my blood test came back inconclusive with a note attached that said we cant rule out early pregnancy.
      so im really confused, does anyone have any ideas ??
      thanks 🙂


        wait a couple more weeks and then make them do another blood test


          Erm.. Id wait a week or so and take anutha test. U have got few pregnancy symptoms but its hard 2 say coz they r same as pre menstrual syptoms. i suggest u try not 2 stress out coz bein stressed can delay your period too
          Good luck and let me kno how u get on


            you’ll probably have to wait another couple weeks to find out…i know that when i first found out, my period was two weeks late and a pregnancy test came up negative, but two weeks after that it was a definate positive…so just hang in there and take care of yourself…oh, and about 3 months prior to this i completely skipped a period and wasn’t pregnant or anything, even though my periods had been regular.


              You should be able to def find out with another blood test in about a week. Your hcg levels will increase enough by then to tell if you are pg or not. I think it’s anything over 5 that is a positive pregnancy. Good Luck!

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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