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      I’m 16 and my boyfriend and I have been having sex for 4 months. I was due for my p. on the 21st and I still haven’t gotten it yet on the 28th. I have had cramps, sore/tender breasts, barely any discharge and I’ve been ridiculously moody towards not only my boyfriend but everyone I come in contact with. I’ve taken 2 pregnancy tests and both of them have come out neg. What should I do?



        If u don’t get ure period in the next week I’d try & make an appointment at the doctors & get a blood test. There a lot more accurate. I ddn’t get a + hpt up to 9 weeks but at 10 weeks I got a + blood test so u could still be pregnant. Sorry 4 the bad reply but Im just trying to help luv Robyn x x x


          you’re relatively young, lots of girls have irregular periods (don’t start exactly 28 days apart). Think back, are you ALWAYS starting your period 28 days after the last one?? If it goes on a week and a half late, however, go to a walk in clinic and get a doc to test you. Then you’ll know for sure.


            Have you been on any BC with your BF? I’m only asking because when I was on birthcontrol, for a while it made my periods weird and it made me really moody– the tender breasts may be another side effect.
            DONT BOTHER WITH THE BLOOD TEST! they are super expensive and i just learned that they are NO MORE ACCURATE THAN URINE TESTS!
            Try another urine test now that it’s been awhile since you were supposed to have your period just to make sure but if it’s negative than you are 99% probably not pregnant.
            Also, if your period doesn’t show up next month either, you may have a thyroid problem you need to check with your doctor about. But dont’ worry too much, I thought i had a thyroid problem when i skipped my period one time (which is really unusual for me) and it turned out that it was just too much stress that made me miss it.
            You can miss your period for so many reasons, dont jump to any conclusions just yet
            Good luck


              I disagree with kim. If your not sure I’d get the blood test that way they could also test for other things just incase.. My home tests were coming up negative a day before the doctors apt. I found out that I am, infact a momma! The blood test can detect a lower amount of the preg. hormone than the hpt’s… No one is ever the same tho…

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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