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      So yesterday was my baby’s due date, July 18th. Im not dialated at all and only 75% thinned. I have another doctor appointment set up for the 24th. They’re going to do an ultrasound to check the amniotic fluid and then something called a NST, which I think stands for No Stress Test which I think is where they monitor the baby….? But yea. So then if all goes well at the appointment, and the baby still hasnt been born, I have to go in to have labor induced on the 27th – friday of next week. Everyone tells me having labor induced hurts 10 times more than normal labor. :unsure: I’m reeeeeeeeeally nervous, because for one, my baby is a little over a week away at most, and 2ndly b/c Im scared to have labor induced. At least my bf and my mom will be there with me. Anyone have any stories or advice…?


        When I had my son, Zane, I had to be induced. My water had broke on my due date, but i didnt know it. For me, it was not this sudden gush like on the movies!!! I wasnt sure what it was, so i continued on with my day. It didnt interrupt anything so i figured everything was normal. Later, I did some research and it sounded kinda similar so i told my mom. We tried and tried to get ahold of my doctor but couldnt reach her. I wasnt in any pain so my mom just told me to go to bed and if i needed to go to the hospital later to wake her. I called my fiancee and he was incredibly excited, though everything felt normal. The next morning, i was still feeling no pain, so we FINALLY reached my doctor and told her everything. she told us to get to the hospital immediately. SO i called my fiancee, Rodney, and my mom drove us to the hospital. We sat in triage for a while and the test showed that i was 3 cm dialated and having contractions yet i still didnt feel them. They were almost uncertain if my water had even broke, so they sent in a swab for lab test. Sure enough, it had! However, as you probably know, once your water breaks, they like the baby out no later than 24 hours. My water broke at 4 pm the day before, and here we sat in triage just confirming this and it’s 10 am the next day. The only option to get the baby out was to be induced. I cant tell you if it hurts more…they told me i was going to be going at 2-3 times the normal progression of labor. Still, it took a while for things to get bad. I handle pain very very well, so i can not say what it will feel like for you. I got induced at noon, and decided to have an epideral around 6:15 because things were starting to get very uncomfortable. Zane, my son, however was not descending at all at this time. Immediately after i had my epidural, his heart rate sky rocketed and sank very low very fast. This was caused for concern and I had to have an emergency c-section. Zane was born at 6:44 pm on friday september 22, 2006. Basically i was prepped for surgery with the epidural. Later, they found that the cord was wrapped around his neck and i would not have had enough room to have him normally which was odd considering he was only 7 lbs 9 oz. Not quite sure why though, even the doctors dont know! But anyways… being induced isnt that bad. All it really does is just push you along a little faster. Good luck, you’ll do fine. No worries!! your bf and your mom will be there and besides, you should be excited!! you’ll get to see your baby soon!!!

        – alex


          I have an abnormally shaped uterus and it causes me to carry my babies sideways…with both of my children I had to go to the doctor, have him flip the baby, and then induce me…I had both kids vaginally without tearing. Yes petocin, the drug they use to induce with alot, can cause your contractions to be heavier and quicker but you get the baby out faster…LOL…with my second my body knew what to do so for most of my labor I didn’t have petocin…just a cervix ripener that sent me into labor…but…it was 3am Thanksgiving morning and 3 of the 4 ladies I had in my room were in charge of dessert for 1 meal..I took the petocin to get him out quicker so they could go home and make dessert for dinner…I had him at 7:29 am after 23 hours and 59 minutes of labor….being induced is not that bad nad not all inductions end in a c section…neither of mine did…and the next baby I have will have to be induced also because of my uterus…it’s a fact of life for me…you will do just fine..let us know when baby is here..Love Meg


            ive been induced 4 times n it hurts the same to me everyone is diff depending on you you may want to walk around or just stay in bed i say def get an epurd. its great n will help alot. it will feel gross when they break your water though its all warm n googey.but good luck n youll be ok


              Thanks for all the stories and advice everybody! I went to the doctor yesterday morning and had the ultrasound and NST. Everything is looking good and reassuring….. except my cervix STILL isnt opening, not even a little bit! So I’ll most likely have to have labor induced this friday. wish me luck! :cheer:


                well i wish you luck n hope everything goes good for you have a heathly baby keep us posted n we want to see pics

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