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        Well i found out i was pregnant on the day i was due on, I had period cramps/ aches for ages like i was going to come on bu nothing ever happend. . . So mabey you are pregnant. . . fingers crossed xxxxx


          same thing happened to me, but i got it a week later:( ….but i hope things turn out how you want. good luck!


            sometimes implantation causes cramps….this all depends on the last time u had sex and all….and it could also just be regular period cramps……


              Hi there! I hope things turn out the way you want too. I wish you the best…



                Hi,i went for 3months without my periods,only cramps,i didint show that i was preg,my tummy was still flat,however i was moody and always tired,on the third month i had a fight with my BF,and dat was when i saw my periods 4 the first time after 2 and a half month,however i had it checked out,and it turned out to b my normal periods.i would say go to ur doctor just to b sure:unsure:


                  just wai na week or two and then do another test


                    It can be implantation cramps and early pregnancy feels like your period coming. You could possibly be pregnant. You should go to your doctor and get a blood test done to find out for sure. Good luck


                      it sounds like u are pregnant i had the same problem with my daughter when i was pregnant i did tests and they was negavite.just do another in a week or so thats wot i did

                    Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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