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      Has anyone here at Stand Up Girl seen the movie that is in theaters now called, "Knocked Up"? If so, what did you think about it?


        I thought the movie was great. So far its the only one that actutally looked real throughout the whole pregnancy.

        I mean the hormones and mood swings and even labor was more realistic than many movies.


          No, I haven’t.
          I’m still thinking whether to go and see it.
          Why, is it any good or should I not bother?


            It was really good.

            I didnt think it would be.

            They make the whole pregnancy with the hormones and everything so realistic and the labor was almost to real to think it was a movie.

            I would go see it.

            Not only were they good with making it real there was alot of comedy in it too.


              oh im so seeing it this weekend!
              i was gonna go see it with the boyf, but hes away so i think its off to see it with some friends instead


                We bought it and i loved it so real and more real life based……


                  i saw it and i loved it!


                    That movie was sooo good. It seemed very realistic. It was very funny and intertaining!!!


                      i seen knocked up last night & i loved it minus the whole drug parts lmao, but all in all it was good.. it was so funny watchin the look on my boyfriends when it showed her pushin the baby out 😛

                      ive queen

                        it is funny and dumb..
                        pluse it makes good since


                          well i saw it..
                          but i didnt think it was good.
                          getting drunk and knocked up..not a good idea for teens.


                            i saw it and i love it..

                            hum good idea for teens? i think its a great idea, cause the message from it is dont drink 2 much, and dont have sex when youre drunk…

                            so i think its great.


                              Yeah I saw it, haha. It was hilarious. 🙂


                                I thought it was a really funny movie. As weird as it sounds it shed some light on different issues new parents/a couple comes across.


                                  I agree. I think that the comedy was a way to get people to listen to the hardships.

                                  sophia roses mummy

                                    i saw it and i thrt it was really good

                                    i saw it lyk a year and a half ago tho lol with 3 frineds and they relaly lykd iitt tooo 🙂 lol Ox’

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