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      Ok well for those that don’t know my name is Kaitlin and I think I might be pregnant but i’m not too sure. I had unprotected sex with this guy that I really liked(stupid of me but oh well now) and we were talking for a while and he said that no matter what happened he would be there and I really trust him and belived him. Well I told him about the posibility(because he was too stupid to think of it himself I guess) and he stopped talking to me. So I moved on obiously there is no taking it back so I just moved on. Only a few people in my life know two of my friends and this guy that i’m kinda getting involved with. One of my friends is really heartless and opionated but I thought he would support me but all he said was to get an abortion…and that didn’t do anything but get me mad…so I told him that he was heartless and to F*** off pretty much. My other friend just told me that I have to tell my mom(that was NO help at all). My mom kinda knows (I don’t really know how to explain it…its wierd) but she is really supportive of everything and she isn’t mad. The guy i’m getting involved with is also supprtive he really has just been asking if i’m ok and how i’m feeling so its really nice to have someone like that when your feeling really down and alone. I’m really scared right now and no matter who is there I feel alone. I’m feeling sick and my boobs hurt so bad. My stomach has also been cramping for the last few days and I read somewhere that cramping could be a sign. So i’m also really conused on everything.

      Well thank you for listening to me just vent. I hope some people will reply.


        It is completly normal to feel lost and alone. It’s scarey to imagine the possibility of having a child at times. Im pregnant and have a husband who is there for me, but sometimes I do get scared. It is great that your mom does have a clue that you could be pregnant. Have you talked to her about taking a test? There is always a chance you can be pregnant. Anytime you have sex, there is a chance


          Dnt stress too much now coz u dont even know if you are or not. Get a test and see.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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