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      Hi i have just turned 14 and just found out that im preg. im soo scared!! I have been brought up by my dad so i aint really sure wat a mum supose 2 do or wat going to happin over the next few mths I dont realli no wat 2 do r where 2 turn so any advice would help



        that is really hard, and even though im sure your dad does his best, you may want to talk to a woman close to you.. like a mentor.. if you have a grandmother or an aunt or even a friends mom. there are tons of pregnancy hotlines you can call. i wish i could help more. but i think if you find a woman you are comfortable with and close with she would be willing to help you out. but also, being a mother is part of our nature. it is in our blood basically. our bodies help us to learn how to be a mother with intuition. im not speaking personally because i dont have a child. but its what ive heard from well.. everyone. lol goodluck girl

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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