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      Just had a question for all you girls that are either pregnant or who have had a baby. I just found out i’m pregnant. I was wondering when you started showing? I can’t wait!!! I’m only 3 weeks 6 days!!!
      Let me know!!! :whistle: :cheer: 🙂


        hey this is jess and i am really happy for you i am the one whos husbund has low sperm count. i was wondering if your husbund has a low sperm count. thanks for your reply on mine if you could write and let me know i would appericate it. good luck

        my sister didnt show until about 5 months if that helps you


          3 weeks and 6 days is early to know your pregnant, congratulations and I bet your sooo excited!! Having a baby is the most rewarding experience in the whole wide world.

          I started showing at 5 months with my first baby. It does differ between women and I’m sure women who eat more or have already had a child would show faster. You do get a little belly at 4 months but not enough to wear maternity clothes. That was the transition month for me haha My regular clothes weren’t fitting well but maternity clothes were too big! Good luck with your growing baby/belly hehe!!


            I know!! I’m not even supposed to get my period until friday. I just had this feeling!!! My boobs were really sore. They never are not even when i get my period. I took the test and there was a faint line. So i bought i digital pregnany test. It said pregnant on the screen. I took one again the next day and the line was much bolder!!!!
            I can’t wait to start showing!!!!


              Well with my daughter i didnt show until 7 months, with my son i started showing at 4 months and i swear i am already showing with this one. But then again it doesnt help that i didnt lose all the wieght in between so i am already carrying extra. It really all depends on your size to start with, how you carry, and your rate of weight gain. Hope i helped.



                i have been trying to get preg and i was suppost to be ovlating 2 days ago. well we had sex and a few hours later my belly button started hurting and it still hurts 3 days later. can this mean im preg :cheer: :sick: :blush: 😉

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