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      My cousin is 36, she has never really wanted kids because she never felt like she was with the ‘one’. She has had a couple of abortions in the past. She has been with Johnny for 8 years and just this last christmas of 2005 they got engaged and were planning a wedding for summer of 2007. Last thursday, March 30, Johnny was murdered. It was senseless and tragic, he had 3 kids from another marriage and was a sucessful 39 year-old man. But now he is gone.
      My cousin is a wonderful person and i will stand by her no matter what she does, but she just told me that she had an abortion 3 weeks ago and that both of them really wanted to keep it but they decided not to because they wanted to wait until they had some more money saved up.
      She feels so alone, she is almost suicidal, she is filled with guilt because she feels like she has nothing of him left and that the baby would be her piece of him to have forever.. She is so dissapointed in herself. But who would have known that he would go so quickly? And that she would never have that chance again.
      I just want to say that i could never have an abortion, especially when you think about it like this. Because that little thing inside of you is a life waiting to live. Waiting to look at you and say "I am a piece of you, Mom and Dad, and i have been since the second i was concieved." I could never live with myself knowing that i prevented a life from being lived. Knowing that any life can be taken away without notice or reason.
      Think about it.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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