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      Hi all,

      I stumbled across this website when I thought I might be pregnant, and I’m really grateful for all the things I’ve read and learned. Well, I took the test yesterday and sure enough it was positive (I’ll probably be about 3wks pregnant, I havent gone to see a doctor yet, so I guess I cant be absolutely sure, but I’m almost certain that I am). It’s like I’m living my worst dream, its like I always knew this would happen to me, I guess I’ve just tempted faith long enough. I’ll be 24 yrs in April and I’ve always wanted children. I just thought I’ll be married and settled. My boyfriend and I started dating in October 2004 and I told him I didnt believe in sex b4 marriage. Well, long story short, I fell in love and decided sex b4 marriage was ok. Now I have to learn the hard way. I just told my boyfriend that I’m pregnant and of course he’s not ready to be a dad, and I’m like "well I’m not ready to be a mom either, but we have to deal with it". I’ve decided to keep the baby and I told him so. He thinks abortion will solve the "problem" but I know better, thanks to everything I’ve read on this site. It’s amazing how much of a baby is formed at 1 month, I cant even imagine having an abortion.

      We are all Christians in my family so I know they’ll be so devastated and disappointed in me, but I think they’ll warm up to the idea of new baby. I dont know if my boyfriend will ever come around, I dont think he can trully turn his back on his child, but you just never know with guys. I hope and pray he loves this child even if we cant be a couple. Well I’m already warming up to the idea of having a baby, i know everyone is going to be disappointed in my from my family members to my coworkers to my friends in church, but I guess I’ll have to deal with it. Sorry my story is too long, but I have one question: Can I forward this site to my boyfriend? I know its dedicated to women, but I’d just like for him to understand what abortion really is and what a baby really is b4 he makes a decision. The site has really helped me and I’m just thinking may be it will be helpful to him too.

      Well I plan on seeing a doctor this week, hope you all wish me luck.


        Sure, I don’t see a reason why you couldn’t/shouldn’t show him the site. Perhaps it will change his mind about how he feels about having this baby and wanting you to have an abortion (or at least get a better idea of what you are going through). This pragnancy is his child too and affects him too. Guys should know about the stuff on the site too. In fact there is a forum for guys to post. I’m glad you’re standing up and not giving in to pressure. Best wishes.



          Well you should go to a doctor first just to confirm that you are truly pregnant. I would do that before I tell anyone else. As far as family and friends being disappointed..yes they will probably be shocked at first, but they will probably come around. You have to do what you feel in your heart is right. Is this the way that you planned it…No. Sometimes things happen for a reason.
          My first grandchild was just born a month ago. She was not planned and we were all very suprised by the announcement. I am pretty open minded so it did not upset me. In fact I was very excited. However some other family members were less than thrilled about this and wanted the pregnancy to be terminated. Fortunately, I found this site and forwarded it to my daughter and because of this site today I am a Grandmother. Just remember yes you are a Christain, but you are also human. You did what you felt lead to do by your heart. You should listen to your heart in this matter as well. Pray about it and he will help give you the strength that you need.


            First of all I would like to say congratulations to you….I m verry happy you decided to keep YOUR child……. .let me just share with you my story….I am going to be 23 this august,,,,,and I got engaged on New years eve…..about a week later i found out i was almost 2 months pregnant…..my fiance has 2 children and wants more once we are married but always told me he would support me if we had one b4……till he was confronted with the situation …….he made me feel so bad about myself and convinced me we could not give our child a good life……even though we are in a good financial situation. Too make a long story short he made me doubt myself as a mother and a woman and convinced me too have an abortion ……the only reason i didnt walk out of that clinic was because i was afraid of his reaction. THe clinic was filled with so many young teenager….and as i sat there I thought to myself "what am I doing here I am 22 I have a good job…..I should be more responsible than this." THen they took me to change and into the room ….I was strapped into a bed almost like a prisoner……I asked the doctor if I could see me baby on the screen and he laughed in my face (I guess most people dont want to attch to their child they just want to get it over with ) so anyway as soon as I saw my child on the screen i started crying and b4 I could say any thing they stuck me in the arm with an anesthesia…my h ead felt fuzzy …and b4 I knew it I was waking up with pain……to make a long story short It was the worst decision of my life…..I am still with my fiance and know he is sorry i can see it in his eyes he is very regretful of the decision but at the same time I will always feel that resentment toward him ,……I cry almost every day and I would be almost be about 6 months now…everytime I see girls with their bellies I get so upset and even talking about it with a counselor is so hard …we are still trying to work through this and i regret the decision every day……I miss my child so much …..I would hate for you to go through this =experience….i wish that on no one …….I pray that you child has a chance at life…..please make the right decision.

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