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      I took several pregnancy tests the other day with my friend by my side for support and they all came out positive. I am 17 years old and only a Junior in High School.

      The guy I slept with was my first and we used protection, but I was not on the pill. He’s not my boyfriend, just a friend of mine and he lives out of state.

      I have no clue what to do, my friend is the only person that knows.

      What do I do??? 🙁


        17 may seem like a scary age to be pregnant and in all truth you are in a tough situation, you are not married and you are not in a strong, established and loving relationship with the father but you know what? There are girls younger than you and in worse situations than you who have done it very successfully, you can do this, what I think you need to do first is this, call this number, 1-800-395-HELP, they will give you the number and location of the closest Pregnancy Resource Center to you where you can have your pregnancy confirmed, you have to to get state medical, most likely get a FREE ultrasound and hear your baby’s heart beat and they will help you make the best choice for your situation and go over all of your options with you, they can even be the bridge that can help you talk to your parents about this in a setting that is neutral….I am so glad that you have your friend and that she is supportive of you, you will need her so much, just do your best to take a deep breath and know that things will work out, there is so much help out there for young moms and no matter how scared you are there is always hope and light at the end of the tunnel and you will never regret being a mommy….let me know what happens with the Pregnancy Center and if you have any more questions…Love Meg


          i agree with meg 100%, please go see your gp so that you can begin to prepare for your little bundle of joy. please choose to give your child life. abortion is not the answer and should NOT be used as a form of birth control. best of luck!

          xox Enya


            Hi there, I must agree with Meg and Enya.. please be yr baby’s voice during the next nine months. I can almost assure you with 100% certainty that you will forever regret and be haunted by chosing an abortion.
            I hope that you find the courage to make the right decisions. Much love and support,
            Evangeline xoxo


              i am 18 and just over 6 weeks pregnant, i am keeping the baby although me and the father are not together, the father is supporting me and so is most of my family, although my dad no longer has contact with me because of but its not such a bad thing. i dont know how things work in the usa but i live in the uk and things will be just fine for me and the baby im determined to make sure of it. trust me u will regret an abortion and will be so proud of urself even being a young single mum! xx


                I also agree with the other girls, question how did you get pregnant using protection? did it brake or something? best of luck with your decision, you can do this but first you need to tell your parents and the father before you make any hasty decisions.:)


                  17 years old and making a plan for a baby is a touogh choice. You need to look into all the choices that are out there not only for you but for your baby as well.
                  I am always here if you need me.
                  hang in there


                    We have all made some decisions about our life at one point or another that we wish we wouldn’t have. Giving too much love too soon can have some lasting consequences that you are now facing. Mature decisions will have to made now, with courage. It is the right thing to do to give this baby life. No matter who you talk to, understand this. Whether you decide to find a loving home for this baby, or raise him/her in your own home as it’s mother, you should only be making one of these two choices. Abortion will never be justified by anyone as the answer. Please don’t fall into that trap of sinful thinking.

                    Be strong when you are faced with telling your parents, as well as your boyfriend and try and remember…..they may or may not accept the news well, but that should not stop you from fighting for the life of this baby!! Let them go through their emotions and thoughts….it’s their right. You’ve had a bit of time to absorb it so be prepared to let them have their say. In the end though,,,,,,,, NO MATTER WHAT, you can give this baby life and should!! Time will allow them to calm down, and I pray that they will be supportive for you. If they see that you are prepared to take the responsibility for your choices, and hear how determined you are….they may see your maturity and be proud of your decision.

                    If you’ve been brought up in a home with prayer and faith in God, then please try and take a minute each day to pray for guidance and strength to face these new decisions maturely, and ask Him to give your family understanding.

                    In honor of your baby, I will pray for these things also.


                      First off stay calm. I was 18 when I found out I was pregnant. Just ask yourself is this the end of my life? No it’s not. I went through this and was scared. First you do need to tell your parents, but have a plan set in place first. I don’t believe in abortion, so I would not give that as advice, because I was once in your shoes and I couldn’t imagine mylife if I had chose that. Do you go to church? try talking to a priest or pastor and maybe have them sit down with your parents. Find an adult that is willing to listen to you. Sit down with your parents and tell them what is going on, yes they may be upset and angry and throw the word abortion out, but know that it is your baby and not theirs. the next thing is make an OB appointment. If you need any information on adoption I can get this for you. Believe me sweety there are soo many wonderful couples who can not have children who help with your medical bills and will give the baby a good home. It’s not selfish but an adult thing to do. Please just listen to your heart because you are the one who has to live with everything you chose. Amen and God bless you! Just know you are not alone:)

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