Just found out…Don’t know if what to do!

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      Im Alice and I just found out I’m pregnant. I am so confused. I was raped by one of my mom’s friends. My mom is a meth addict and has men in the house all the time. This isn’t the first time it has happened. The first time I misscaried at about 8 weeks. I am only fourteen. Do abortions hurt very bad? Please help me!
      Thanks Alice


        I dont know if you can but you need to tell somebody you trust about this. And you need to go to the police about the man who raped you. They have helplines that can help you report this but it needs to be done. Before this man rapes somebody else.


          hey sweety, this must be very hard for u… i agree with Abby, that man should not be free, i also think u need to consider movin outa ur mums place n livin wit oda family coz clearly this is not the environment for ANYONE to be in… i understand ur reason for thinking about abortion, but also think about perhaps an adoption altho the decison is urs and…. i also reccommend that u go to a doc asap to check for infections or aids just to make sure that he didnt pass on any illness on to u!!

          u r strong and i wish u sooo much of love and all the luck



            my heart goes out to you. I’m so sorry that you have to deal with all this pain at such a young age. You’re so brave.

            Firstly, I must agree with the other girls, please speak to someone, so this animal get’s stopped from hurting someone else, it’s almost a given that a rapist will continue committing crimes upon women if he gets away with it. The decision is up to you in the end, but when you feel ready and strong enough, please do what you feel is right for you.
            Also, perhaps you should begin to seek counselling? I know that at times it seems that you may be coping really well, but you really will benifit from speaking to someone about what’s happened.

            With regard to your pregnancy, I can only imagine how tough this decision is for you and I know that the only one with the final say is you… but please think long and hard before you make a final decision about yr baby.
            I can only speak about my own abortion experience and advise you from that point of view… the process itself was mildly uncomfortable, but after the pain meds wore off, it felt like my insides wanted to come out. I had cramps (much worse than af cramps), and quite a lot of bleeding. Once the physical pain goes away, there are emotional scars that never fade….

            I am in no way saying that you should go and do what I did, part of the reason that I joined this site was to try and prevent girls making the same mistake that I did.
            Abortion is not a final solution… I thin kin many ways it’s the begining of heartache that no one deserves to endure.
            you are the one who has to live with whichever decision you make, so look inside yrself and decide what’s right for you and this baby.

            I wish you the best of luck. you’ll be in my thoughts and prayers.
            Much love and support,
            E xoxo

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