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      I think i could be pregnant.im very constipated, i have had a loss of appetite which is not normal for me at all haha. i have back pain ALL THE TIME! my boobs have been very sore. some mornings i wake up and feel very weak and dizzy and feel like i have to throw up.what i eat usually makes me sick. and im very gassy lol. i havnt taken a test yet i keep wanting to wait a couple more days to give my period a chance “I dont want to waist money on a test if im just going to start the next day”.I also have unprotected sex. he pulls out but well you know how that goes…..im not so worried about telling my parents because my mom had her first child when she was 17 and im 17 i know she wouldnt be to happy but she would definatly support me 100% and ill also be living on my own in june.im worried that if i am pregnant my boyfriend will want to get an abortion. we have talked about me getting pregnant before “in no way planning it” but just the “what if this happens” and he has always leaned towards the abortion side. He is 20 going to school to be a pharmacist. he has alot ahead of him and i think he thinks if we keep the possible baby it will ruin everything. next year i will be going to college and studying elemtary education. I know it wont ruin my life it will just make it alittle harder but it will also make me stronger. im also against abortion. im just worried that if i am pregnant he wont stick around or he might end up talking me into having an abortion.
      I may just be getting way ahead of myself since i havnt even takin a test yet but i just dont know what to think. if i am pregnant what should i tell my boyfriend?


        I’m glad that you’re going to keep the baby if you are pregnant.
        It sounds like you have a very good chance of being pregnant, but of course you can’t find out for sure until you take the test. (It’s worth the money to know either way! 😉 )
        If you are pregnant than just tell your boyfriend the truth. There are different ways to tell him if you’re afraid to tell him face-to-face (ie a card or something), but don’t EVER let him talk you into getting an abortion!
        And if he pulls that “get rid of the baby or I’m leaving” card, don’t fall for it. If he really does leave you over that, he would have left eventually anyways.
        So get the test and let us know how everything turns out! 🙂
        Good luck hun! 🙂


          tell him the truth, he also should take sum responsibility, aftr all it takes 2 to tango hehe, this is YOUR baby in YOUR body, dont let him talk u into doin anythin dat u dont wana do, u sound very mature and steadfast, im sure u will do the right thing
          good luck swty, let me knw how it all turned out mwa

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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