just a tad bit nervous….any words would help :)

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      hey everyone…i just found this site 2 days ago and i have been on here sooo much reading everything and i think this site is GREAT!

      Ok well my names cara im 22 years old. im a mother of 2 boys that are 3 years and 8months old. i am engaged have a house im in school my fiance has a good paying job so i pretty much have everything going for me. well, i am 3 days late on my period and i only had a little bit of brown looking discharge yesterday (and i mean VERY minimal) so i put a tampon in and later on i took it out and nothing was on it….so then later b4 bed i put another one in just in case it started while i was sleeping…well i got up this morning and took it out and again nothing!!! i do want another baby….i love being a mom i am just worried what our families are going to say about it if i am pregnant again already. i also think my fiance would freak out a little lol i am not on birth control and we use the pull out method. so im thinking the chance that i am pregnant is pretty high. im prob goin to take a HPT with in the next week.

      i think everything happens for a reason so if i am pregnant then i think its meant to be πŸ™‚


        Hi, I just found this site yesterday, and read your post today. I joined and wanted to give you a few words.

        I am 26yrs old and the happy mother of four children ages 4,3,2 and 8mon. Yea, that’s right. When we found out we were pregnant with our third child, we were nervous about telling family as well. I can still remember worrying about it so much, but when we did spill the beans, everyone was supportive and happy. My Mom did have some concerns, but I laid her fears to rest. We used the pull out method, too. You can tell how effective it has been for us.:P Hope this helps.


          Hi! I am also new to this web site. If you find out you are pregnant again.. then here is my best of luck to you and God bless the baby as well as the family, which I see continues to grow and most importantly and pretty sure it will bring more happiness and more love within each other of you guys.

          I am 21 years old. and I’m crazy about getting pregnant soon. I had my chance when I was 17 of course really young and lost, my mother talked me through having the abortion and I blame myself every day and for the rest of my life..

          Congrats either way! for the 8month year old.. I am sure plenty of love and great things will come through!



            Don’t worry about what your family has to say as you well know they all come around in time. All that matters is that you and your kids are happy and healthy. Keep us posted. Jessica


              i think it sounds like implantation- i wouldn worry to much about
              your parents i ,ean you got a stable home and you
              doing just fine!
              if you are preg let us all know
              Welcome to the site

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