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      What is your opinion on that movie?
      I haven’t seen it, but I have mixed emotions about it already from comments I’ve heard from people…..


        i wanna see it soo bad. i heard it was really good.


          I just saw that this morning. Its good i guess though somewhat unrealistic (but hey its the movies!!!). I found parts of it hard to watch because it brought back exactly how i felt when i was pregnant with my daughter.


            I saw it and liked it. It was very cheerful and funny for such a serious subject, which makes it of course unrealistic. And in my opinion kind of glamorizes teen pregnancy, which I don’t agree with. But definately go see it!!!!


              I have read comments about it being unrealistic and I can see it to a point, I saw it this last weekend with a friend and we laughed so hard we were almost crying, I have met many girls like Juno and I was also a lot like her at that age, I mean A LOT LIKE HER, I think they did such a good job of giving her her character that it seems unreal but truly I think they did a good job of making it real…I was there, not as young but with no life experience and I took things so lightly just like she did, I cracked sick jokes and laughed at not so funny things just like she did…my mentality was very close to hers…I think the approach they took was very smart…it showed that no matter how old you are, whether you are in a relationship with the dad, whether you have an imperfect family, whether you are mature enough to handle it, whether you know how to take care or a baby or yourself through pregnancy that everyone can make good choices in bad circumstances….Juno was a real Stand Up kind of Girl even though she was kind of a space cadette and although it was just a movie there are a lot of girls just like her and if she could do it then no one else has an excuse left of why they cannot do it too, she chose adoption which is great but even she had what it took to be a mommy and so does anyone else who happens to be blessed with a baby right now…God doesn’t give us things we can’t handle, Meg


                That movie was awesome. It was funny, but i think it was realistic because of the kind of person they made Juno out to be. She wasn’t "in tune" with her emotions like some girls are, and being sarcastic and funny like she was is a way for some girls to make a brighter side of a "bad" situation. That’s just how she expressed herself. I thought it was good. That’s my input, haha.


                  i just watched it and it was sooo cute. i loved it.
                  πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


                    i agree about the unrealistic part and it didnt go into too much detail etc..not what i expected.


                      Me and my boyfriend saw it, and it hit way to close to home for us since I’m pregnant and we are adopting the baby out to some really close family friends who can’t have kids. It was good if you aren’t in that situation but if you are I definately don’t recommend watching it at all…


                        I watched it the other day and I thought it was a good story line with the adoption and that it not only highlighted teenage pregnancy but the desperateness for the woman to have a baby. There are so many couples who want babies that can’t produce their own and women need to be educated so that they understand that abortion is not the answer. I though for a comedy it wasn’t as funny as I imagined but was very funny in some certain places x


                          i thought it was great and actually pretty realistic. i cried and cried! i thought she would keep the baby after what that guy pulled but i related to the pregnancy part of the movie really well. I kept my daughter but the highschool pregnancy and issues were all realistic. I think it simplifies things a lot and does make it seem a little bit "glorified" but its the movies and not a documentary- though that would be a good idea.


                            aww ii really want to see iit. ii heard iit was really good.=).:)


                              oh ive seen the movie it is sooooooooooooo cute i am so serious any one who hasent seen juno should see it!


                                YES the movie is very cute and every teen should see it.But teen girls need to be able to regonize that juno is way far from being anywhere close to reality.Pregnancy is not always easy like they make it seem.


                                  That movie makes me cry everytime I see it. I am very happy that she decided not to go through with the abortion.


                                    its a good movie- iv watched it over and over- but yes its
                                    not that easy and stressfree as they make it seem.

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