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      So, I am really excited. I have finally overcome the challenge of going to school, doing the homework, staying awake, and now, I have *finally* graduated… Valentines Day came around yesterday and I was alone. My daughter was at her father’s and I obviously am single… so, It didn’t start off well, but as soon as I got my daughter back at 5p.m, home and safe- things started to look up. When, I walked into the door, I got a phone call… (I do not get very many, so I was suprised)… I have a Job Interview for March 6th! It is also at a place, where I would like to work at… as, I have already did an internship there, last year…. Just because you think you’re life is going down hill— it might be, but somethings can just bring it up… seriously, this has really made me happy… I really hope I get the part time job. Wish me luck!




        Congratualtions!! I hope everything goes well!!!! Good luck! And let us all know how things went…!! 🙂


          Congrats!!! That’s really exciting! Hope it all goes well, sounds like they already know what your like though if you did an internship there, which is obviously in your favour 😀

          You sound like youv’e worked very hard to be in this position so I really hope you get it!!

          Good luck xxx


            congrats!!!!!:laugh: i hope you get the job……:) good luck!!! best wishes sasha


              good luck hun and i hope you get the job!

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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