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      Hi! I thought i would copy other people by posting a birth story,,,
      Jessica Rose arrived on June 8th at 11:36pm, 24hrs and 24mins before her due date! She weighed 3430gms (7lbs 9oz) and was 50cm (20inches) long.
      At 2:13 in the morning of the 8th, i woke up and it took about 2 seconds for me to realise that i felt well…wet. I looked at my phone to check the time (to see how long id slept) and i had been asleep only an hr or so. The last lot of sleep i was to have until the next day… I was so tired that i didnt realise what had happened, changed my cloths and went back to bed. Only to have my clothes soaked through again before i knew what happened. It was about then that i started thinking ok…well i think my waters broke! I wasnt getting any contractions at this point. At 4:30am i rang the hospital to speak to a midwife who said it sounded like my waters had broken. She said she would get somebody to ring me later in the morning.
      I started getting baby contractions after that. Enough to notice them, but not painful.
      When i recieved a phonecall from the midwife in the morning a bit after 9am they were starting to get a little stronger. My midwife rang at about 12:30 and by then i was starting to get a little uncomfortable. They were still irregular though. I rang her back late afternoon and we made a time for me to come into the hospital as my waters had broken a while ago and i wanted to know what was happening.
      I got to the hospital at about 5:30pm. My midwife confirmed that my waters had broken (duh the amount i had been leaking!!!) but to my dismay i was only about 1cm dilated…WHAT??? NOT FAIR!!! She hooked me up so my contractions could get monitered and they were about 5 mins apart.
      They decided i would stay in hospital overnight and be induced in the morning if things didnt happen as there would be a risk of infection because of the waters breaking AGES (well it felt like ages) ago. However, baby decided to step things up a gear and things started happening.
      In two hours i was 3cm, and i got a shot of pethidine for the pain. This didnt seem to do anything except make me really sleepy and turned me into a dead weight. My midwife had to get somebody else to help her help me into a wheelchair to get transferred up to the birth centre.
      By the time i got there (the birth centre was in the hospital) i was making alot of noise…I wasnt breathing really well, and my midwife suggested an epidural. For this i had to be transferred to the regular labour ward but i did not care, I was thinking epidural = no pain!
      I was 5cm when i got to a room in the labour ward. The person doing the epidural showed up quickley, and i can remember her telling me i had to stay still… but i couldnt. I was in too much pain and was making alot of noise… Things are a bit hazy from here… I can remember the first lot of pushing. It was involuntary and it felt great! I can remember somebody saying ‘she’s pushing’. They discovered i was 9 cm just 40 mins after getting into the room. I dilated from 5-9 in 40mins! Bye bye any chance of the epidural… I tried the gas but it just made me loopy and didnt help with the pain so i stoped.
      I cant remember anybody saying i was 10cm and it was ok to push. I can just remember pushing and thinking that it hurt less than the contractions. I cant remember her head coming out, but i can remember the feeling of her body sliding out. Werid.
      Anyway thats plenty long enough if anybody wants to know anything else drop by my page or send me an email.


        great story… gee you dilated pretty quick but then again you wouldnt want to be sitting there in pain for ages waiting to get ready to push. Congrats


          Congratulations on your new baby! :cheer:


            hey girly, its nice to hear that u are doing good! I am so happy for you!!!


              :cheer: :cheer: Congrats!:cheer: :cheer:

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