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      I’ve weighed all my pros and cons, did my research, talked to some people, and did some long and hard thinking myself.

      And I have decided that I’m going to have an abortion.

      It will be my second one, and I’ve decided to terminate it early and have a chemical abortion, instead of a medical one.

      I’ll catch everyone up on a bit of backstory. I got pregnant with my now ex boyfriend about two years ago. I found out I was pregnant while out of town attending my grandfathers funeral. When I returned home, he told me straight up we were not having a baby, and that I should get an abortion. When we went to the clinic i found out I was too far along to have a chemical abortion, and could only opt for a medical. I could never put myself thru that again.

      Maybe I’m thinking what I’m doing is a painless one, but i know it’s not.

      I know what I’m doing to my body, and I know what I’m doing to my mind, as well as my heart. I know this could leave me sterile, it’s a risk I’ve decided I need to take. I know what this will do to my mood disorders, as well as my depression.

      And I’m full aware of the fact that there’s a large chance this will tear me and my boyfriend apart.

      I’ve made my decision for myself, and no one’s going to change my mind.

      But what I am asking for is support with this. This decision did not come easy, it took many long sleepless nights of thinking.

      I’d love to hear everyone’s take on this, good or bad. I’d Appreciate having some people who’ve gone thru a chemical abotrion tell me their story.

      I’m not going to lie. I’m terrified.
      So I’m asking for help.
      I’m not good at this, but I know I need it now more than ever.


        This is my final plea with you to not put yourself through this…You are a strong person deep down, I can tell by the way you write, you have passion and you are very intelligent and you are a thinker…I give you credit for those things, however what you are about to do is just another form of self harming…to know the consequences and to know them from past experience just shows that you do not know how to love yourself or how to be truly loved by others…If you take the brave step of carrying this baby you will not only learn how to love yourself but you will be loved in a way that there are no great words to describe…You are wanting to hear from others, well here is a link to a post that you might want to read, https://standupgirl.com/web//index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1967&Itemid=224 ,This is not written by some girl I happen to know from the site, this is written by a very good friend of mine, I have known her for 12 years and our friendship has endured so much…even her abortion, I spent hours with her on the phone trying to reassure her that she could do this, when she called me and told me she that she went through with it it tore me apart, I felt like I had failed her as a friend, like I didn’t say the right thing….I had to realize that she had every opportunity to listen, maybe it was not my lack of reassuring words, it was just that her ears were coated with fear and she could not hear them until it was too late…I didn’t want that for her and I do not want this for you, please take the time to read her blog, do it for me, do it for you and most of all do it for that precious life in your womb… here is one more link, it is another blog by my same friend, https://standupgirl.com/web//index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2145&Itemid=224 ,I cannot tell you what to do, I cannot make you change your mind but this is what you asked for, words form others who have been there and you wanted input from people whether they agreed with you or not, I will be here to talk on the hard days, after you have been up with a sick baby, after you have a hormonal breakdown in walmart, when you just don;t understand why life is the way it is, when you have regret that you do not know how to deal with, I will be a true friend to you and love you for who you are on the inside, no matter what you do, I do think that you are about to make a very poor choice based on fear and if I didn’t care I wouldn’t tell you that and I wouldn’t take the time to write to you repeatedly…I will never have a finger to point at you but I will still disagree with taking your baby’s life, by doing so you are robbing yourself of joy and happiness that you so desperately deserve…I hope you hear my final plea through ears that are willing, brave and strong rather than ears that are filled with confusion and fear…I am here for you, just be brave and Stand Up, you will not regret it…Love and many many prayers…Meg


          Please be sure its what you really want. You seem determined, but if you have one ounce of wondering if its the right thing, dont do it. Keep coming on here after no matter what happens- there are many of us that have had abortions myself included. Its good to talk sometimes.


            Don’t do it. This can really turn your life around. You’re going through depression? You don’t even know. You don’t know the light your own child can bring you. And you WON’T know. That’s the sick part. You won’t know until you actually start your storybook little family you’re talking about. And you’ll know that you killed two of the children that could have been a part of it. You can’t provide for your child? You really think my 3 year old and I are living in a cardboard box? You MAKE it work!

            your life, your beliefs, and YOUR uterus do not mean ANYTHING to that baby growing inside of you. If it were up to you and your beliefs that baby wouldn’t be there. But it was your life and your beliefs and YOUR uterus that made that baby. You started a life. Take responsibility. The decision to abort based on "your life, your beliefs, and your uterus" is hypocritical.

            And if you don’t, like ProudParent said – do your next child a favor and don’t get pregnant with it.


              Girl please don’t do this I’m begging you. I may not know you or your situation. But I do know that you have been blessed with something so beautiful and so precious. It may not seem like it now but there are so many women who are trying with all their heart to get pregnant and it hasn’t come to them. Believe me even though life may be a little harder once the baby is here you will never regret it once you look into you’r little angels eyes. You are not only destroying your blessing in destroying your baby but also destroying yourself and for what?? So please I ask you from the depths of my heaRt don’t do this. I’m here if you want to talk… x


                I No U Have Made Ur Decision N Its Not MY Place To Judge But Im 17 Have Chose To Keep My BBy She Will B Born In 4 Weeks Am Not With her dad But he Dus Want To C Her wich Is Gud This Is A Bby U No Wen U C A Child Running Round Think U Cud Have Tht If U Go Threw With The Abortion Ur Alwais Gna Wonder Wat Thy Were WAt Thy Cud Av Bin Etc Plz Dnt Abort This bby Let IT Live It Did Not ask To B ConCieved U Let It Happen Its Not THe BBYs Fault Its UrsN The BBys Dad Y Not Put It Up For Adoption So It Has A Chance Insted Of Just Writing It Of Not Given Him/Her A Chance To Love well IT Is Ur Choice N Im Not Here To Judge U This Is My Opinion Gud Luck In Wat Evah U Choose I Hope Evrythink Goes Well For U But Just Remember Its A Life And Wants Its Bin Took It Cnt B Brought Bak xxx

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