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      well., gotta big problem! ;( my whole relatives are getting mad of me! because they were accusing me that i stole my cousin’s cellphone! ;( but i swear to GOD! i didn’t., i have my own cellphones., i had 2 phones.,they were all blaming on me! i don’t know what to feel., should i fight for myself? i tried to explain but they keep on blaming on me and HAROLD (my boyfriend) they were telling me that he was influencing me., but GOD knows I’m doing NOTHING! i feel sorry for him! he was always blamed by my family every time somethings wrong happened.. it was really hurt! now! i can’t stop crying for this! because i know im doing nothing! and imagine this i am expecting that my mom can understand me and support me! but no! also her is one of them.., another thing., idk! why my mom texted me this?! ” kung ikaw mabubuntis ni harold! cnsbi koh sau., aalis k sa bahay dun kna ttra sknla at wla nqng pakielam sau!” in English: “if YOU WILL GET PREGNANT WITH HAROLD. I WILL KICK YOU OUT OF THE HOUSE,YOU WILL LEAVE WITH HIM., AND I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU ANYMORE!” idk! what to do? i wanna fight for him.. cause i do really love him! maybe i will continue our plan., coz i really love him so much!
      help! i don’t know what to do with my life! i wanna DIE! i had so much PAIN! and another thing HAVING MY PERIOD ALSO DEPRESSED ME! ;( pls help!


        As much as you may want to get pregnant you should wait. It would be best for you, for him, and for a baby. At least wait till you move out of your parents house. May even want to get a job first. I understand how you feel about your mother being so mean about your boyfriend but truely there is nothing you can do about it. Plus if he is over eight-teen and you are under eight-teen she could have him put in jail and you not to be able to see him anymore. Getting pregnant should not be more important then him and your family, pregnancy can wait dear. About your mother blaming you, sit her down and talk to her. Maybe she is just really upset with you and taking it out a way she shouldn’t be. Mother do that sometimes, weather they realize it or not. I know you really want to become a mother right now, but I truely think you will be better off waiting a whild. Not only because your mother told you she would kick you owt but for the baby you would be bringing into the work. The baby wont want to see his or her family fighting. The baby will need a for sure home, safe home. You will need money to take care of a baby, you can’t just count on everyone else. It would just be better to finish school, get a good paying job, and a stable place to live before you bring a baby into this world. Right now this world isn’t doing all that great, specially with raising a baby in. But if you do happen to get pregnant on complete accident, or purpose don’t abort it. The baby didn’t ask to be put inside of you, you wanted it. Good luck with everything.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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