It’s Mother’s Day again!!

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      Well its that time of year again, for many it is a blissful time to flowers and hand prints on homemade cards, for some of us it is a bittersweet time….My very first mothers day was the first one I had without my mom, I lost her to suicide when I was 3 1/2 months pregnant, she will never see my kids and they will never know her or sit on “grandmas” lap…Some may have a hard time with the loss of a child due to miscarriage or abortion, my heart goes out to you so deeply and I know that it may sting to see others celebrate a day that you have been robbed of…Just know that no matter where you are at that this can be the first day of the rest of your life, this can be the day that you Stand Up and reclaim the joy that you feel has been taken from your life…Mother’s day for me is always difficult even though I do have healthy happy children, I do not take them fro granted by any means but it is hard to be around others at church and have them say, “so are you going to do something with your mom today” or to see all the people my age with their moms, I just wanted to write to the rest of you and let you know that if you have a hard time with Mother’s day that you are NOT ALONE!! So with this I say, to you who have children, love them and be glad that you are a mother today, to those of you who have lost your dear children, do something in their memory, maybe sponsor a child through World Vision (you can google them) with the same birth date as your child’s birth date, due date or death date…it can be a great way to heal and also to support a child who needs it most!! My love to all my friends and sisters on, thank you for making such a great impact on my life…Love Meg

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