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      hya i just found out that i am 7weeks pregnant, at just 16 trust me it wasnt planned. Me and my boyfriend have been together for 14months and untill resently were going through such a ruff patch that i thought it i had lost him. Then i find out that i am pregnant, and there is no way i am having an abortion. I love my baby already and i am so excited, 9months is way to long to wait to meet my little miricle. My boyfriend admitted 3week before i even knew i was pregnant that he wanted a baby and even wished i would get pregnant at times. Then when he found out he said i should do whats for the best and get rid of it and that hes afraid it will ruin HIS life, but i know he will love this baby more then anything in the world, and the first time he holds our baby in his arms he will realise that keeping it was for the best. I just want to say that finding this website made me stand up for myself when he was pushing me to abort. and also what some advice on how to break the news to my parents as they do not know and i am going to hate seeing the disapointment in their eyes. thanx for any help given. x

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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