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    jjs mom

      so i was a coward and i got my abortion, and all of you were right it tears me up inside, i came onto this site to help young girls and encourage them that there is a way but then i got pregnant and took the easy way out myself. i planned to keep this child then oneday at 12weeks woke up a decided i can’t do this i can’t talk care of two kids, so to be selfish i killed my baby, my baby who can feel pain but i knew this before i did it and i still went through with it, i don’t eeven know how to explain how i feel, it has only been a couple of hours since the abortion. but i know i can no longer stay on this site an be a hypocrit. hope all of you make the right decision.:(


        Hey jjs mom, I had an abortion and thats the reason I joined this site. I knew I could help other young women who’ve gone through the same thing I have. You’ll be surprised how many people feel the same way you do right now >>>>>ME<<<< 🙁 but I still come on this site. Being able to convince at least one young woman to consider another option makes me keep coming back. I went through and am still going through post abortion issues, mentally and sometimes physically. Were not here to judge, at least I’m not. Most of us are here to listen and give advice. Dont leave the site, no one is perfect, no one knows your situation. you did what you thought was best, even though it hurt like hell. Email me if you need to talk but do me a favor and stay on this site even if its just to read the post;)



          i hope that you are ok??? i know it hurts i know i had one 2 months ago and the pain is still with me to this day its something that no-one can or cant get over.

          I know the pain that you are feeling and so does other girls on this site that has had an abortion but we are all hear to support each other in a time like this.

          If you ever need any help just email me, i mite live in australia but ill try my hardest to help people that have been through this.

          please email me if you ever need to talk.


          jjs mom

            so i went to sleep crying, woke up crying and am still crying. although i do not let my husband se in his own ways he was hinting to me that it was wrong. i don’t know what to really do with my self. i was pregnant for 13weeks and i wake up this morning and its gone, my baby who had no voice to be heard, who only counted on it’s mommy to protect it but i’m the one who killed him, it just makes me think am i a good mom? i love my 4yr old very much and i don’t think i can live without him but yet i didn’t give my other baby a chance, i knew it was wrong what i did but yet i did it. i had a 1hr and a 1/2 drive to manhattan to think about what i was doing but yet the whole way there i thought nothing, my 6hour wait i thought nothing but when i woke up from that bed afterward, the only thing i could do was feel my stomach and cry. the nurses keep me there longer cause they said i was hyperventilating, i really don’t remember much of that, i was put to sleep and what felt like 1min later i woke up to my baby gone. what have done i can never get that back ever i killed my baby, i would never enflict pain on my son ever, i can’t even stand to see him cry, when he gets his shots at the doctors i have his dad go in the room with him cause he looks at me with those eye as if saying "your my mommy why did you let them hurt me" but my unborn never had the chance to give me that look and had no one protect him except me and io killed him, you see i did have 2 abortions in the past that honestly and sad to say it really had no affect on me, i took the test and automatically, we knew we had to get an abortion, no thoughts on keeping it and i did it at 6weeks, so i never saw a sono of those babies and never mention them to anyone, i just went on with my life, so i guess i never really understood why some girls were so emotional about it, i figured no big deal but at the time i had those abortions i was heavy into drugs, not an addict i still had job, feed, bath and done everything else my son needed, no one really knew but it effected my desision on things, i guess it made me heartless. this child i planned on keeping i told anybody that would listen that i’m having a BABY!!! on my birthday i sat in the doctors for 3 hours for my intial ob vist and i got my first sono of my baby, i said that is the best birthday present i could get, to see my baby has a heart beat and is alive and ok, i got baby clothes and bottles but because i decided to be a coward, scared financially and what if my husband was to leave us again or star drugs again what will i do. me and my husband do not have a healthy relationship, we argue alot, we just got back together after being split up for 6months and befor that we were only together 6months, i have been with him since i was 16 and i’am now 22 but next month will mark 6months we are back together, we are alot better now and to work things out rather than argue, it was very volent before and not just on his behalf. well my point is everything came flooding back to me and i killed the child i loved, i came home and all i could think was "did i really do this" for all of you out there that are considering doing this, YOU CAME ON THIS SITE BECAUSE YOU CARE AND YOU REALLY DON’T WANT TO GET AN ABORTION AND WHEN YOU GO THAT EXTRA STEP TO LOOK UP THIS WEBSITE INSTEAD OF JUST SCHEDULING YOUR APPT AND GOING. YOU SHOULD NOT DO IT BECAUSE YOU DON’T WANT TO. I know who am i to preach but i’m not, i’m only stating the obvious that was right in front of my face. well sorry its so long i just had to get it all out.


              Your not a hypocrite…There are still lots of young girls that you can help. Just because you had an abortion doesn’t mean you can’t help others…

              So i ask again please don’t leave:(


                so many of us on this site no how u feel. when i found out i was preg i didnt even think twice about it i knew that i had to hve an abortion, i was 11 weeks. it was so fast we went to the doc on friday n had the abortion on the wen, we had no idea what was happening how alive was my baby i jsut new that i couldnt have a child. i went on the net to find things out about abortions n i found this site, i know this site is about standing up n i didnt but i know that i can help. i know i cant tell people not to have abortion as i have had one n i am fine with it but i can be here for woman-girls-teens to talk to and not be judged for what thy did, a lot of people get judged n i just want to be here to support people that went through with it n i think that is where u can help. yes u have been through a lot but dnt 4get u stood up for your son n keep doing it 4 him. im here to talk email me anytime.


                  dont leave the site, i found this site because of my abortion, i needed some help coping with it and i have gotten a lot of help, and i have been able to talk with others about it… if you ever need to talk to someone i am here, email me anytime 😀 my prayers are with you and your son.


                    Please do not leave this site. You need all of the support you can get. If you need anyone to talk to, please email me. I worry about you being so sad – I know these feelings are natural but I know my lord will ease your heart with time. Again, please do not leave.


                      Well Basically.. What happened?? When you had ur abortion??.. Cz i dnt rle understand.. Im 15 && may need to go thru it soon.. i kno its not very nice.. but mayb sum1 culd explain.. Please??

                      Much Thanks Niki.. Xx


                        Don’t give up helping others. I know you are hurting and know how you feel. But you must go on and learn from your mistakes and through your story, help others. i think by what you wrote, you are already helping them-to see the truth of abortion and the pain it causes.

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