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      Well first off I am about 7 days late. I’ve pretty much leveled with the fact that I’m pregnant but to be sure I’m taking a home pregnancy test thursday( my b/f is buying it when he gets paid) but anyway. I am 18 I just graduated from high school and I am to attend college in august living in the dorms and I am supposed to be on the colorguard. My boyfriend and I have been together for about 1 year and 9 months. I took a lot of consideration before I even began to have sex and I always new a pregnancy could happen. Which is mainly why I abstained in the first place. ::To now:: about 5 weeks ago my boyfriend and I had sex and this was about 2 weeks after my period about when I was ovulating. We used a condom, trojan with spermicide and checked the condom when done. I thought nothing of it and went along with my life. Well about a week ago I was expecting my period and it didn’t come it didn’t bother me then because this isn’t the first time I’d been late but now its starting to get to me. I know for a fact I would never have an abortion thats against everything I stand for. I am determined to go to college b/c if I am pregnant I want my baby to have the best life possible. My boyfriend also knows that if pregnant I want to keep the baby and he does to he has even considered getting a second job. I am very scared of how my family will take it, not that they would shun me but my mom and I have a very good relationship and this would put a huge strain on it. A pregnancy would be very unexpected and at a very stressful time but I know we could make it. I just don’t know how to handle all these things and I need a little advice. I have no symptoms or signs of pregnancy but I know theres still a chance. In a way I kind of want this baby but I am also very very scared. I wrote this (sorry it’s so long) to help me and I’m hoping y’all can help me too! Thanx!


        Yep, it’s gona get hard of course. I can tell you that for sure because when I was pregnant with my 2nd child, i made the wrong choice to take too many classes and failed two of them. So i don’t recomend u taking more than 12 units no matter your situation at hand. You neva know what kind of situation you could be in when you’re expecting, so stick with one child for now and finish your education first bfore you think about having anymore kids.It’s like my mom told me, "u only have room to do one thing, either have kids or go to school only." Too much of anything can lead to stress or even depression.Good Luck!


          it still could be early to get a clear result but best of luck for you! Good to hear that your boyfriend is sticking by you and will support you through this time.


            you said you abstained til 5 weeks ago right? idk maybe i got that wrong BUT if its your first time then chances are that you are going to be late. i dont have one friend who didnt stress like that after her first time because it made her late- i was 2 weeks late. your body just probably took the experience funny b/c its not use to having such an "intrusion" haha- best of luck! i know how stressful the situation can be, but if you worry it could just prolong the wait.

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