its been forever..

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      hi all omg i havent been here in still a old lady compared to you girls im 31,i do have alot of exp.with preg n the loss of a child.last time i was here my son jacob was a baby n i lost jamie.well since than jacob will be 3 in oct.this past may was 2 yrs since my miscarry,and i now have a 6 mo old son.hes my world.i had a hard being of preg but it ended up ok with a emerg.cesection but i heathly baby…my other kids now are 13,11,10,8,5,2 and 6 mo old..i wanted to come back n see if i could help in anyway or even be a friend to anyone.


        Ohhh hello! I always wonder how the people i used to see on here are going.

        everyone grows like weeds hehe

        Congrats on the birth of a boy. How is it going with the 7? I guess u wouldnt notice seeing as there was 6 anyways.
        Main thing is he is here and healthy.


          hey hey hey look whos back…. dont b a stranger now super mom!!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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