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      🙁 i wont be here o judge any person,but im here as someome who needs help and olso who will b able maybe to comfort fellow friends.i have sat don and realised that most of us teenagers seem to be considerinng abortions when times like these come,of wich we tend to forget our you are in an abortion clinic,but tommorrow you are in a concieving clinic.who might know,maybe the baby that you are carrying is only your last alive egg in your system.i bet no one wants to regret at the end of the day.this abortion leave many with suicidal thoughts.cause we often o things unaware of the will one feel if i say he/she is useless,bad i know.but its just the same as killing an innocent child.every thing happens for a reoson so therefore seek advises before attempting to any stupid decision.hope you will take me serious as i know how bad it is. 🙁

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