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      SO finally after a full week we found out that our second child will be a girl also…i wanna name her ava or mia can anyone help with name suggestions lol we are stuck:D..can’t wait to have her here it feel so much more real now:D


        hey i just wanted to say congratulations on your lil girl and ava and mia are really beautiful names:)


          they sound like good names actually. Only you’ll know what to name her.
          What about write down some names and you scream them out..does it sound right? haha
          I never made a 100% decision until near due date.


            How exciting to finally find out! 🙂 Ava and Mia are both pretty names. 🙂


              One of my friends named her daughter Ava and I think it is a beautiful name.


                Congrats on your Princess!! Freya was almost an Ava, very cute name!!!


                  thanks everyone im still not sure on a name i think im going to go through some of the websites that offer you baby names.


                    Congrats on baby girl no. 2!!
                    Dont stress out about names, i couldnt think of a name before either of my girls were born for the life of me. Jess was named the day after she was born and Alyssa about 12 hrs later after some serious thinking.

                    princess Angela

                      congrats on the baby girl…. i want another baby now hahaha and mine is only liek a month old hahaha:D good luck with picking a name i really like the name hayley


                        Congratulations! Those are both beautiful names, I would suggest looking up the meaning and seeing what meaning you like best!


                          aw congrats well i love the name kalea its hawian and for a boy i love corin :laugh:


                            OMG!! You are pregnant AGAIN?!?! Wow congrats you crazy woman. How far long are you? How old is Neveah? Odin just turned on on the 30th!


                              Naming is so hard for me, too. Nothing seems to be perfect. But when you see that little baby, you’ll know.

                            Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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