It’s a BOY!!!

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    princess Angela

      Hey everyone..

      Just letting you all know i went to my ultrasound yesterday….

      Im having a BOY!!!
      His all there 10fingers 10toes… all perfectly healthy he weighs about 320grams atm hehe

      His Gorjess!!!

      ONLY 20more weeks too go:D

      Love Angela xoxox


        Thought of any names yet?






              congrats!!! I think boys are in this year. I am having a boy too well if he hurry up and comes!

              My due date is today and no sign of LABOR..GRRRRRRRRR


                *congrats on ur baby boy!!! do u have any names??*
                * i am having a lil girl May-11 is the original due date but its been moved alot. only about 8wks left for me!!!yay!!*

                princess Angela

                  i still have forever 20more weeks:( i want him to come i wanna hold him and kiss him and stuff hehe….. im so excited now and its taking forever hahaha…Now that i seen him and stuff i cant wait to see him in real life..

                  I thought of a couple of names but not 100percent on one….

                  love angela


                    Aww wow. I wish i had asked how much my babies weighed in utero at scans. I never thought too.
                    Congrats on the boy.B)

                  Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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