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      so i finally found out what my baby is last thursday (feb 1)…and it’s a little boy…but i’m a little worried about the blood test results that came back..has ne one else had an abnormal blood test that said that ur baby is at a higher risk of downs or ne thing like that? because that’s what my blood test said, that my baby may be at a risk for downs….and i’m just worried that my baby may have downs, and it’s not like i’m going to terminate the pregnancy or ne thing, i just want to know if ne other girls had abnormal test results and the baby was fine?…..


        Hi – my name is Lisa and I am from the Stand Up Girl website and I just felt like I really wanted to respond to your e-mail.

        You know its a scary thing when the doctor tells you these things … but please know that these are NOT absolute tests. I have heard (I can’t even count how many) about sooooooooooo many babies that have been born perfectly beautiful and perfectly normal after tests and results that come back negative.

        Was it an Amniocentesis? Those kinds of tests are NOT 100% accurate and I understand that they are risky tests.

        Please note, I am not a doctor so I can’t give you any medical advice. But I can tell you that from my experience I have heard from countless girls that have had beautifully perfect babies even after bad test results.


        I hope that helps you. Please keep us posted on how you are,

        Luv Lisa


          no it wan’t an amniocentesis, it was just a screening blood test, but i am going to get an amniocentesis because it tests the baby’s dna (chromosomes) and that can tell 100% about downs cause that’s a chromosomal thing…but thanx you for your respons…it does make me feel slightly better that someone else knows of abnormal tested babies being fine….thanx…


            Please just be careful because I do understand that the Amniocentesis is not 100% accurate and you may have a scare when it is not necessary.

            You know?

            Please please – be cautious and let us know how you are. OK?

            Luv Lisa


              yeah….i am going to do it, but i know the risks, and i just want some sort of way to try to prepare IF there may be something wrong with the baby, and i just want that little bit of something..u know?……


                These tests can’t tell you 100% anything, darling. they give you a guesstimated ratio due to the format of your chromosomes, even a 1/5 change is not absolute.

                I was unable to do these tests due to moving and having to get insurance in my early stages, but you know I’m glad I didn’t in retrospect. If there’s no thought of termination, they only make you worry so.

                Just keep yourself healthy to keep your baby healthy, that’s all you can do for the time being 🙂


                  Hopefully everything will be ok with you and baby. I understand the stress an abnormal thing can cause. I was 19 wks 2 days when i had an ultrasound to check everything was normal with baby. A few days later my midwife rang and told me that (and i never did figure this out) my baby had a variant from normal. It (apparently she) had a left ventricular intracardiac echogenic foci. She said that the doctor who was reviewing my ultrasound pictures said because i was in a low risk age group for downs it probably meant nothing and that he wouldnt even bother telling me about it (can be a normal variant). However she thought that if it was her baby she would like to know. I hadnt had any downs screening tests done. I got the second trimester blood screening test thing done, and stressed like you wouldnt believe while waiting for the result – which was fine. The things about these blood tests is that they give you a number (if you had that type?) which can make you panic that your baby will have a problem. I heard about somebody who was a 1in4 chance of having a downs baby and she didnt, so a high risk doesnt mean you will. Feel free to chat if you want to.

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