it was positive

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      I took a pregnancy test last night and it said positive.

      My boyfriend and I are going to keep the baby.

      I’m very scared and nervous but yet I can’t wait.

      I hope everything goes good!


        Me too!

        I’m only 19 but I’m married already but still scared, I’m already five months along but haven’t been to the doctor yet, I was in denial… First thing run to the social services department to get a Medical card… try to make an appointment there before you go cause lines there are a you know what! and go to your local W.I.C. department (women infants and children) they give you cupons to get free milk, cheese, eggs, juice, cereal, and beans or peanut butter. Don’t be ashamed to go to WIC they helped me save already almost 75 bucks this month on all those things!

        Make sure you go to a doctor soon too, and don’t worry about money up front ask them for presumptive medical and they will see you and give you your perscription for prenatal vitamins and anything else meditive you may need.
        Good luck with your baby.

        love Chereh

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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