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      A year ago I took a pregnancy test and it came out possitive within 5 seconds, not knowing what to do and having no one to talk to about it other than my boyfriend and his cousin I decied to have an abortion before coming to this decition i explored all options. All of these options just seemed out of sight with no money and a 17 year old TAFE student I stuck to my decion and went through with the proceedure.

      A year later I never knew that it would hurt so bad I still feel the same feelings that I felt on the day only I have cried myself out. My elder sister(who is years elder than me) is 8 months pregant and so is another friend of mine who is the same age I thought that I could just settle for my sisters child and be happy with that but now I feel that the only way to let the pain go is if I have another baby that way I will feel so much more complete at the moment I feel so empty and cowardly.

      Please reply back I would love to know other people thoghts on this.

      Thank you.


        Hi friend,
        Thanks for posting.

        I am so sorry that you are going through this. You know, abortion is not an easy thing and it most certainly is not something that you just bounce back from. There are so many people that feel just like you after their abortion. You are not alone. Feelings of emptiness and cowardliness are very common. You are not the first person to feel this way.

        I just want you to know that you will be ok. You will be able to get through this. Your life is not over.

        You see, after an abortion most women experience what is called PAS or Post Abortion Syndrome. Some of the indicators are feelings of guilt, shame, denial, anxiety, depression, and wanting to have a baby to fill the place of the one that you lost. Many, many women after an abortion try to get pregnant again because they feel empty and they think that having another baby will fill the loss that they feel. The truth of the matter is, if you have another child it won’t fill the whole that you are feeling. It’s not going to solve your problem.

        My recommendation to you is to get some post abortion help. You can meet with someone who is specially trained to help women dealing the emotional stress caused by their abortion. The best news is this is completely non-judgmental and free! If you are willing to take the risk and go, you will never regret it. Let me tell you how you can find a post abortion recovery group in your area. Just click on this link: Type in your zip code and click “search”. A list of pregnancy resource centers will appear. Just call one and tell them that you had an abortion and you need someone to help you. They will be able to take it from there and they will be so glad that you called.

        But for now, my friend, I pray that you will have peace and that you will over come this. Spring always comes after winter.


          Hi Queen B,

          Thank you so much for the advice I have since started going to church and I have forgiven myself alot, as for the baby thing I understand what you were saying about that and I have come to the decion that by chance it happens I know what I will do now but I wount get do it on purpose.

          Thanks again.


            hi,how r u,hope everything is fine to ur don’t have to worry about your condition right now but instead you have to enjoy ur our lives we only passing every single step at a time and we have to enjoy that moment.

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