it shows just one pink line..( how sad i felt…)

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      🙁 the last period i had so far was around the 20th of july. its now sept 29. and i still havent had it. as i remember, when i first got my period when i was 13, my cycle was really really irregular. sometimes, i missed 2 or 3 and sometimes even 5 months of not having my period. but pretty soon, it became so regular. regular in a way that i have my period monthly.

      i have it month by month. until recently that i missed it for two months now. it was july 20 since the last. i didnt get it on august and even this september. when i first missed it, i was hoping i was pregnant so i took a test. but its negative. when i missed it again this september, i took another test and still, its negative.

      for the last few weeks i was really hoping that i was pregnant because i sleep a lot. i get sleepy and drowsy most of the time and it wasnt the usual me. my friends told me that if you’re so sleepy that way, you might be pregnant.

      but i wasnt. its still the one pink line.

      can anybody know my situation.? please i badly need your advice…i want to be pregnant…



        Well all I can really say about this is that at first when I thought I was pregnant, I took the home test and it was also neg. (I was really sad at first too 🙁 ) but i took another a few days later and it ended up positive..
        So maybe you just need to wait a few days..

        Also, when I first started having sex, my periods got a little more irregular.. soo maybe thats happening to you? Not sure.

        Hope I helped a little. lol


          Welcome to the site! 🙂

          It’s pretty weird that your period is suddenly missing… have you been under any unusual stress lately?

          Are you married or do you have a boyfriend? If you are not married, I’d like to encourage you to wait for kids until you have a husband.
          If you think that saving sex for marriage is not a good idea, you might want to talk to Meg (Mweber) because she’s been on both sides of the idea and I’m sure that she’ll be willing to talk to you about it.

          Let us know how everything works out!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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