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      it might seem awkward for a guy to be in a girls website, but, hey, after i found out about this site, somehow, in my heart, i’m really pleased that there is such a website. im contented. at least i can share the info to the rest of my friends who are in trouble.

      keep up the good work guys.

      i fully support u. 🙂


        It is great to know that there is a guy who is supportive of something like this. Or in general a teenage girl being pregnant. I have lost most of my friends because of this , why would they want to hang out with a 16 year old pregnant girl?


          it is really great to know that there is a guy who’s concerned about girls like us and what were going to do. i’m scared, and maybe you have an answer for why this guy is doing the things he does to me, all the time. :S


            Im sorry to say this baby girl but I"ve learned the hard way a guy only does to you wat you alow him to do. If hes doing you wrong its easy to fix…..dump him. I was a teen mom I’ve been in your shoes and believe me there are guys out there that will love you and treat you and your child as you both deserve, w/ compasion & respect….like that old song goes…ya know the one "R-E-S-P-E-C-T!". good luck to ya hun.


              It is the only way some guys can show they luv u but just talk to him about it tell him how u feel or if nothing works the last resort dump him :ermm:


                Thank you so much. You have no idea how many guys out in our world do not support the support groups that teen mothers or soon to be mothers need to attened and have friends to talk to. My own daughters father does not like me going to teen mothers meetings or talking to teen mom’s but I need to make friends where they understand were I am coming from. I lost all my friends I was pregnat. And now making new ones, teens that are going through what I went through or have also gone through. Thank you so much. You will make a woman Happy some day.
                Heather 😉



                  I was in your position at one time in my life. I was 17 going into my senior year in high school. I took my boyfriend to my junior year prom and he broke up with me. I was heartbroken; I thought we were going to be together forever. He was 18, a senior in high school and had never even gone as far as kissing a girl!!! He respected me. One month later we got back together and our relationship was great!!! He even kissed me. A month and a half later he asked me to have sex with him, but only if I was "ready." I turned him down twice and gave in on the third time. As we began, I told him that I wanted to stop – he didn’t. He treated me awful and did not respect me. We had sex a total of seven times. On the 4th of July he told me he used me to lose his virginity before he went to college. He didn’t want to go to college without being a "man." I was crushed. Then, a few weeks later, I was supposed to have my period and missed. I thought I was pregnant. I told him and he reacted outrageously. He kept calling me to see if I was pregnant, but hadn’t had a test yet. I would ask him why he wants to know (as if a guy would care). He never told me, but I had it pin pointed. He would stay with me if I was pregnant and leave if I wasn’t. Well, I gave him some news……….I told him that whether I was pregnant or not I did not want anything to do with him; the baby would take my name and he can live his life. I did not want a guy who used me around me at all – I didn’t need that kind of guy’s help. Turns out I was not pregnant (blessing), but I didn’t need him nor did I want a guy like him. Now, I am 22, engaged and, yes, pregnant. The engagement came before the pregnancy, but there is no doubt in my mind I want this man. There are good guys out there; this is not the end of your life. You concentrate on being the best mother you know how to be and learn from the current mothers who inspire you. The boyfriend is not the important part of your life anymore; you need to change your thoughts to the baby. My grandma used to tell me, "There are plenty of ‘fish’ in the sea." I hated hearing it, still don’t like it, but I found a WONDERFUL man; there’s one out there for you too. Maybe not this one……..


                    Hey!!!!!! just because one guy was a jerk doesnt mean we all are!!!!!!!!!!!



                      That’s true. I hope more guys like you are willing to stand up and speak out in support. Pregnancy doesn’t just affect girls. There are many fears, emotions, and sometimes harsh realities for guys to deal with also. Just because father’s aren;t physically pregnant it takes two to tango and girls need to remember that this is something that fathers have to come to terms with as well.



                        That is y she said, there a good guys out there. She didn’t put you all at that guys level. And I agree with her, SOME guys are jerks, and so are SOME girls. And we both take advantage of eachother, not all of us do, but SOME of us do. We all sin and unfortunatley sometimes, other people mistkaes, cloud other peoples veiws on that entire sex, not forever, but for a while.


                          You are a nice guy. Keep it up!


                            I still refuse to believe guys are decent at all.
                            I’m going to stay single for the rest of my life I’ve decided. Forever. That’s it. No more of this s***.

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