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      im 18 years of age and i have missed my period by 4 days.
      my breats were extremely tender for 3 days but now they arent so sore, i have very visible veins though. i also get cramps but they the die off, i have also experienced that i have bad wind, my period is always regular and always on time,
      all as i would like to know is, is it normal that my breats were soooo sore and now all of a sudden over night they’re not (as sore anyway)?

      if u have any comments please let me know.
      thanks and good look to you all.


        i thought i was pregnant when that use to happen to me, but come to find out i really wasn’t. A pregnancy test should help you out.;)


          I am almost 6months pregnant. My breasts grew huge and sometimes they hurt, sometimes they dont. It really depends on your hormones. You may be pregnant but the best way to be sure is to get a test

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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