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      my parents made me get an abortion when i was 4 in a half months pregnant and i wanted to keep the baby. this happened 3 months ago is it normal to still be angry and sad


        yes, some people feel that way for a very long time (yrs)


          omg! i’m soooo sorry….that must have been horrible!! screw your parents you should have never given in to them or their lies…your baby was a fully developed child with feelings and emotions, responses to touch, and feelings of pain. That must have been really hard for you..i got an abortion at almost 4 months and its was very very painful and i went into a deep depression and couldn’t be around kids/babies or pregnant women for months without going into a sobbing mess and my friends and bf thought i was an idiot or crazy and told me to just ‘get over it’ even though i still felt angry towards him and my mom for making me get an abortion and never forgave him. and sad, because i wanted NOTHING but to have my baby back in my tummy. I remember the next day i was in the kitchen bleeding and i felt my uterus and it was soft and just fell on the floor screaming "why, why why did i let myself do this? i just want to undo it!!" i was hoping to God that they made a mistake and didn’t abort the baby but there was no mistake. Does this sound familiar to you? Your friends telling you ‘get over it’ cuz they got an abortion and was over it in a day. Or everyone telling you that u can’t be angry or upset anymore cuz it’s simply ‘over with?’ That’s bs cuz you know what, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is stemmed from that abortion … i think that’s what you have…and that lasts for months to years and some women, their entire adult life. Nobody can tell you how to feel and when to get over stuff like that, that’s a personal experience that noone can relate to except for you and others who know how you are feeling. What you are going through is perfectly normal, but not good. You need to go to a women’s health resource center (as you’re reading this, look to the right of your screen at the purple banner. Read ‘crisis pregnancy help line ‘ with the 1-800 number on it. seriously, that’s how i found out about the resource center in my town in Jersey. You give them ur address and they’ll give you a place where you can get free counsseling or maybe more. You need to talk to someone, i know i def do and i grew up saying i dont need help from nobody… but in this case you do!! i’m so sorry you had to go through that …you have every right to be angry towads your poor excuse for parents and their beliefs in prgnancy and abortion. Now you know next time never to listen to ANYONE, ANYONE but your heart, what ever it comes down to..if you dont mind me asking, what were you goin to name your baby??? boy or girl??? mine was a boy i think i would have named him tyler or if a girl for whatever reason, avia marie….email me if you need to talk <3 kieran


            Yes it is normal to be angry and sad. I am sorry that you have found yourself in such a painful situation. I pray that you will find forgiveness in your heart and allow this truly painful and sobering experience to change your life and the way you live it. From this point on my encouragement would be to not allow yourself to be in a situation to become pregnant untill marriage. Save your body for your future husband. And use this experience to love on other girls who are hurting as you can relate to them. May the Lord bring healing to your broken heart 🙂


              it’s very normal…in my opinion. i wouldnt be able to forgive my mother 4 awhile. im sorry to hear honey. im here if u have anymore questions



                I’m so sorry you had to go through this experience.

                Yes, it is quite normal for you to be angry and sad at this point. Abortion scars you for life and though the experience may be thrity years old or more, it will still hurt especially when the abortion day approaches.

                I’m not saying this to scare you. It’s simply the way it is.

                I don’t know what your parents’ reasons were for wanting to lose a grandchild and I don’t want to judge them regardless of the fact that I disagree with what they did. At this point though, you are still a family and you all need to heal with regard to this. This hurt you deeply and I seriously think it hurt them as well though they may not admit it right now. It is a lie that abortion is just a procedure that you can walk away from and that you simpmly just have to "go on with your life".

                it’s a lot harder than that especially with the fact that your baby just needed four more months to finally get to meet you face to face.

                You have to reconcile with your parents though I wouldn’t suggest you rush that. Forgiveness can only be geniune if it’s not forced. One thiing you have to realize now is that though you have lost your baby through your parents’ wishes, they too are hurting and that after all is said and done, they are your family. It’s not as simple as thinking, "Oh hell, I’m of legal age, I can move out." Would you want your future children to do that to you? Being a parent is hard and there are so many mistakes to make.

                For your own sake, as a person and as a future parent, fix that bridge with your parents. Having kids and starting a family actually begins way before you find a guy and you have his kid. It begins with how you treat your own family, the family that you didn’t choose but God, in His infinite wisdom, chose to give you.

                For all you know, your baby ws given to you because your family needs to address certain issues and be reminded that you are, indeed, a family.

                Please take care.



                  absolutly…I’ve never had an abortion but it is normal b/c they made u kill the life growing inside of you you have every right to feel that way!I hope everything turns out ok in the end!! Good luck!

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