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      Is it normal to show when your two months pregnant? I’m already getting a tummy! Please help. I’m also getting twinges in my tummy… is that normal?


        its common to show so early in girls who were small before they got pregnant. the twinges are probably your tummy growing- you wont feel the baby for awhile- most likely a few months and you wont feel Braxton Hicks for a good while either. good luck babe!


          They told me that I was carrying awfully big for how far along I was early on, so they did an ultrasound, and found out that I was having twins. So I would ask about it if I were you. Twins don’t even have to run in your family. It also could be nothing, you could just be bloated, or you might just notice your belly because it feels and looks different to you, others might not notice.

          Good luck sweety,
          Michelle J.


            You could be carrying multiple babies, or it could even just be the possibility that your uterus is swelling which is perfectly normal. I am 9 weeks pregnant and am also getting a tummy. Don’t worry. To be sure that everything is okay, you should go see a good doctor, he/she can answer all of your questions.
            Hope that helps,

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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