is there somthing wrong wid me? nd where’s my AF?

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      like seriously my body confuses to the point i just hate myself :angry: . during the september i thought i might be pregnant but after a few HPT and a visit to the doctor verything came out negative….and low and behold i got my not so normal period(very painful/heavy) on sept.23, after my period i had gone to c my doctor and had a qualatative blood test done and it came back negative. I was happy ok, but not so happy when its been over a month now and my AF hasn’t arrived. I haven’t had sex for over 2months wut the hell could be wrong wid me now? :pinch:



        I’m not sure why your cycle is irregular. Before I was on birth control my cycle was extremely erratic and irregular. Perhaps stress or other factors are affecting your cycles. If you saw the doctor and the doctor did not find any problems then I would just try not to stress about it – sometimes stress can delay your period. However if you are having pain or your period still doesn’t come for a while then I would see the doctor again and find out if there is a medical problem that is causing cahnges to your cycle. Best wishes.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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