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      So, here’s my issue…

      A while ago I thought I was pregnant. (Had a lot of the symptoms, never took a test.) It turns out I’m not. Ever since then, all I want is a baby. I find myself online picking out the perfect crib, carseat, stroller…I’ve drawn pictures of my dream nursery. When I’m out shopping, I spend most of my time wandering around the baby section.

      I know I’m young, and that I shouldn’t have a baby. But, I know I’ll be a good mother. I don’t know why I’m feeling like this. It’s almost all I think about. Anybody have any advise?


        Hi Hun,
        I’m basically in the same situation as you. I’m 17 and have an 8 month old son. Ever since my son was 2 months, I’ve wanted another baby. I know now is a bad time for me. So what I do is try to keep myself really busy. I try to avoid going on baby sites and everything, although sometimes I just break down and do it. I work a lot on trying to prepare myself for another baby, like using cost calculators and budgeting and things like that. Basically try to keep yourself really busy. Hope that helps a little. It’s helped me a little bit. I’ve made it through 6 months so far.


          I think that is just nature. It is the erge to want to reproduce and spread the seed.. but what you need to think about to help is how would it benefit you and your future baby if you wait to get pregnant when you are really ready. For example, i tell myself things like, i need to have a college degree as well as my husband before we have children because I want be sure we can afford to send our kids to camp because that was a great part of my childhood and I wouldn’t want my kids to miss out on it because their parents were young and poor. I also think that if I got pregnant now, it would burden my parents because they would probably have to help me out alot financially and I would always feel in debt to them. I want to be married and have a career before I have kids so that I wont have to work long hours for minimun wage and miss time with them, or also If i got pregnant now my fiance would have to reenlist in the military to support us and that is something I couldnt imagine my kids having to grow up with.. always having their father over seas. So those are the things I think about when I feel myself craving to be a mother. It isnt just about me.


            its completely normal. and dont rush it. youll have a baby when youre ready.


              I had that same problem after i miscarried. Everytime i went in walmart i went straight for the baby section. I actually went on today and looked at nurseries. lol I want a baby, but i know now isnt the time, so i bought a reborn doll. I dont know if you know what those are but they are very life like dolls. Its fun to dress. lol Maybe thats weird or childish. Idk but it helps me wait. Also i am preparing for my future child, by taking vitamins and trying to eat healthy so i am in the best possible condition when it is time to have a child. I also buy neutral outfits or blankets every once in a while and put them in a box. It helps to know you are doing something for you future child. I hope i have helped, if not by suggestions than by knowing you arent alone.


                Hey! I am the same way as you. I am 18 and in college and an awesome boyfriend. My sister just had a baby and I want one even more now! It’s to the point where it’s all I think about. So you are definately not alone. 🙂


                  Thanks ladies. It deffinantly helps to know it’s not just me.

                  I try not to think about how much I want a baby, but it’s so hard sometimes. Especially after being at my boyfriend’s house. His mom just had a baby. (A little girl, she’s 4 months now) But long story short, she was unplanned, and his parents didn’t want another baby. When I’m over there, his parents just keep her in the crib all day, she isn’t held, she gets no stimulation, and they only feed her or hold her until she settles down again-then it’s back to the crib.

                  When I’m there, I take her. She smiles, she plays, she coos when she’s with me. When she cries, her father can’t settle her. I take her, and within minutes she perfectly happy again.

                  I guess it’s hard because I see the way they treat her, and I see the way she is with me. I realize how much better of a “mother” I am than her actual parents, and I want to be able to give a child that.


                    its very normal!
                    i think to be a mother is something very special.
                    i miscarried in april- all i wanted was a child. i eventualy
                    told myself il let it happen wen it happens.
                    now im 16 weeks pregnant everythng is going great.
                    non of us really no the joy a child can bring once we find
                    ourselves pregnant/ or have a pregnancy scare. (and get over the shock)
                    my advice would be- if you cant have one now- prepare yourself
                    for that child you going to have one day,
                    get your body fit healthy, take a vitmain etc.
                    this could help put your mind to ease, and reassure yourself one day
                    you will have that baby. good luck with everything!

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