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      So I’ve always had anxiety and have been prone to depression, about 8 weeks ago i had a random outburst of anxiety, i felt so weird and depressed and lonely and anxious, so i went to the doctor and asked to have my hormones checked out because i wasn’t feeling good, they said there was no point, i ended up buying a pregnancy test and turned out i was pregnant, so i assumed the pregnancy was making me anxious and sad…

      Then last night i started thinking about it and i got real sad and real depressed, woke up this morning with the worst anxiety and depression, i feel like I’m going crazy. Is this normal?? will it go away?? and i going to go crazy? i just want to feel normal again.

      i have serious feelings of wishing i was still pregnant, i miss it in a way? i feel sad that I’m not?
      Also my boyfriend is the only one i can get comfort out of right now, he makes me feel so much better, but unfortunately he is working 5 hours away in the snow, and he could only be here for 3 days during my termination.

      if anyone has any similar experiences please share with me. i feel very alone and freaked out.


        Did you have an abortion?
        I am prone to anxiety too, and being pregnant makes me much more anxious second time around. First time not, but this time I’ve had doubts about my relationship.
        I hope you can relax and busy yourself -focus on other things is best way to get over it. I know now I couldn’t have abortion but I still feel sick sometimes thinking of my choice, even though I’m still pregnant.


          Hey sweetie:) I so commiserate with you! I have bipolar II disorder and am prone to crippling depression and random happiness:// I wish I knew how to help you…like sarah said, keep yourself busy and, if your religious, pray, meditate or something of that sort (this helps me:) I am here for you:) Good luck^^


            Hi Karma, I am so sorry that you are going through this. You didn’t why you terminated your pregnancy, often times women have such conflict even if they feel they made the best choice at the time. Yes, pregnancy hormones would have made you feel like this and you continue to feel like this because the body and mind are in shock. Your pregnancy hormones were abruptly cut off, which would make you feel crazy in and of itself. Then you are dealing with the emotional after effects of losing this baby (even if it was from abortion and not miscarriage).

            It sounds like you could possibly be suffering from post abortion syndrome. A crisis pregnancy center can usually help with spiritual and emotional healing after an abortion, or possibly a good pastor. Older women friends can also help you through this.

            God bless you, may you find healing. My prayer is that your circumstances change to where you would never have to make this choice again, that you would find the support you need.


          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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