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      Hi my name is Sam. I am 19 years old and married. My LMP was May 27th and it is now July 05. For about 2 weeks I have had nausea if I don’t eat spicy foods, potatos, or something I am craving. I have been having cramps but not as strong as normal ones.I have been so tiered and normally I have a ton of energy. I get days where something just off the wall will make me mad and I can’t snap out of it(like PMS mood swings). I have also had brest tenderness and in the last day or so they seem like they have swelled a little. I didn’t get my period on June 27th(my cycle runs every 30 days). Then I started on July 2 but It only lasted 1 day then the next 2 days it was like a orangish dischargeand now nothing. I have taken 2 home tests that came back negative and I went to the doctor and he said it was negative. I know it is not because I have been stressing because either way this goes I will be happy. What do I do now? The doc told me to mabey wait a week then take another test does that sound like the smart thing to do?


        It is now july 20th I haven’t taken another test yet. And still no period. I havn’t really thought about it latley. My husband thinks that I am just worrieing about it. I haven’t told him how I have been feeling or anything latley. I’m still waiting to see if I get my period this month. I don’t know how to tell my husband if i am pregnant. I guess I will just come out and tell him if I am. Everyone would be happ if I was pregnant but, I’m not sure we could afored it I work 40+ hours a week and my husband just got a new job and together we only make about enough to cover bills. I’m already tiered all the time I don’t know if I could handel getting a second job. well anyones in put would really do me some good. I don’t realy have anyone to talk to around here about it.


          :silly: Hiya Sam. I just want to say that maybe if your period doesn’t come this month, then maybe you should ask your doctor to do a blood test. That way you would know for sure, and you can start to take folic acid and look after yourself. I’m sure if you are you husband will be delighted and the whole money situation will work out. Hope you get the result you want. Take care

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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