is that spotting?!.. and am i pregnant?????

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      Jan 14, 2009 i had my period and this month Feb 14 after me and my boyfriend had sex then after that i clean my self up and i saw little blood comes up and i thought i just got my period but the other day no blood at all and until now.. is that spotting?? or just a blood after sex?, but weird it was my 1st time to bleed after we had and my boyfriend is 6months together and having unprotected sex.. now i just feel a little dizzy, headache, emotional, tired for no reason, back pain and hard to sleep.. am i pregnant?!


        I think you are because i’m experiencing the same kkind of thing and i’m 8 weeks pregnant.


          If I may ask, how long was your period when you started on the 14th? If it lasted most of the weekend and into this week, then it is probably residual period. It is only the 18th now, so you couldn’t be pregnant yet. If I were you, I would be careful with your unprotected sex this week though and throughout the following week. That is when you will likely be fertile.

          I would recommned you chart how long your periods last. (4 days, 5 or more). As soon as you do not have any bleeding that is day one of your new cycle. Start counting, that being day 1, then the next day would be day 2, and so on. Usually, women ovulate between day 7-14. Those would be the days you SHOULD NOT be having unprotected sex if you’re trying to avoid getting pregnant. Don’t just play russian roulet with your body and guess hoping you won’t. You eventually will and then you may be in a position where you are contemplating abortion like a lot of these young girls here. Take control over your body and start paying attention to your cycle. You can also look into what is called, NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING. It is a way to help women avoid pregnancy naturally without the use of drugs.

          Young girls should not, I repeat, should not be having sex before marriage, but society has alowed people to believe it’s the norm. If that is the case, then those girls who do not want to be mothers can use a more natural approach to preventing pregnancy and unwanted babies so that the babies won’t have to put to death because of their choices.

          I’m hearing the same thing in many of the posts from young girls. That they do not know the signs to look for in the period cycle, they’re unsure about forms of protection, some aren’t using any at all and out there engaging in many sexual relationships, and they’re all on here asking for guidance and advice to figure things out.
          It makes me mad that mothers are not being mothers these days….and I apologize. I am a mother of 3 teenage daughters who have never engaged in sex, or been involved with a boy.
          They have plenty of friends who are boys, but they are taught to preserve their bodies for marriage and wait until they are sure they want the commitment of marriage and children.

          I will be praying for you anakie and the rest of the girls on these posts.
          Good luck with your homework.:)


              it is weird to be your first time bleeding after sex.
              It happens to me all the time so i know its normal for me but have you maybe checked for a urinal infection or you could grab a test?
              OR maybe you guys just went a bit hard this time lol

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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