Is she CRAZY?!?!?!

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      I have a 3 month old baby girl that I love more than anything. The other day my aunt asked me if I ever felt overwhelmed and I said yes. What teen mother doesn’t sometimes? She said I should think about giving her up for adoption!!! I told her I couldn’t do that. She was like, "At this point you really can’t do that?" WTF!! I just don’t understand why she thinks I would just hand her over when I’m perfectly capable of taking care of her! Then she said she thinks I’m ‘mentally checked out’ and she would be better off if I gave her up for adoption! It just makes me so mad!


        Wow that is rough. Unfortunatley as teenage mothers we have to expect negative comments and blunt ignorance. Also very unfortunatley some of that may be coming from family which makes it so much harder, such as in your case. All we can do is know that we are doing an amazing job and our children love and respect us because we are their parents and that to them, is everything. You are doing an amazing job and if you’ve gotten this far what makes her think you can’t keep doing it?? Stay strong girl and look past the ignorance, you are doing amazing.


          id be going off at her even if she was my aunty. She should be supportive and tell you that ur doing a great job and she is proud of you. Don’t let her tell you those nasty things. You know you can do it.


            im srry hun. some family never get over ur choice to have the baby and not abort or give him/her up for adoption. next time she says anything just tell her that ‘everybody even older women who are a first time mom become overwhelmed, so would she tell them to give up their baby?’… good luck and just remember ur doing fine!


              yeah, that would make me really mad too. I don’t understand why a family member would say something like that. I think that over time your aunt or mom will get used to the fact that you have a baby and will accept it. I would just tell them that I love my child more than anything and would never give them up for anything in the world. I guess there is nothing you can do about it to change their minds just yet, except waiting over time for their opinions to change positively. good luck.



                dont worry it takes some time getting used to u are a good momand it also learning process she ahd do right even suggesting that to u


                  i think shes very rude for taking it to that level every mother no matter what there age feels over whelmed n if thats the case we are all mental n have to give our kids away lol dont think so tell her to mind her own buss.


                    Aww, that’s just plain horrible to say thigns like that, especially coming from your aunt.
                    Man, I’d be so annoyed. Every mother, no matter what her age is, gets overwhelmed when a new baby comes along, and when they hear deragoratory comments like that it makes things just worse. Don’t ever let her convince you of these things, because you know yourself that it isn’t true.
                    Just keep focusing on your baby. I’m sure you’re a great mother.
                    Just ignore her as much as you can, a sharp witty remark will do, I don’t think anything good would come out of a long chat at the current moment, except for get you more upset.


                      You obviously know that you are a good mother, you don’t need anyone to tell you that. When I am faced with situations like these, where I have people questioning my abilities as a soon-to-be mom or giving me an unsupportive reaction to my decision to keep my baby, I do my best to show them that I am mature enough to handle the responsibility reguardless of what they think by saying things like…
                      "I appriciate you telling me your opinion, however, I disagree with you, and I hope you can be supportive of my decision." By lashing out you are only making the problem bigger, but you can’t sit there and say nothing. If she continues to act unsupportive, then don’t spend time with her. Surround yourself with people who do support you, and put yourself and your baby in a POSITIVE enviornment.
                      Or you could try voodoo or something. hahaha.

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