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      I got in a fight with my mother tonight after finding out that my grandmother said that it was a crock of bull**** that I didn’t come to thanksgiving. I did not go to thanksgiving because I cooked an entire thanksgiving dinner for my fiances sister, because her daughter that has Cystic Fibrosis was in the hospital and was not going to be able to have thanksgiving at all. I felt that they deserved to have a thanksgiving no matter what. So I made the decision to spend thanksgiving at the hospital with my fiances sister and his niece. My grandma apparently thought that I was just trying to get out of going to thanksgiving at her house because I was afraid to face them about my pregnancy. That is the last thing i was worried about. So when I told my mom tonight that I was not wanting to spend christmas at my grandmas if she was going to be hateful around me, my mother told me that I was just going to end up f****** christmas up. And when I tried to explain the reason I felt this way, she just told me I don’t ever listen to anyone and that it was my fault they felt this way. All I want is my mothers backing and support, and I don’t know how I am supposed to get it when she feels this way. I am so confused and I don’t know what to think about all of this. Everyone acts like my pregnancy is ruining my life. This baby is by no means ruining my life, it is my family that is hurting me most of all. Thank you for any responses you give and thankyou for all of your support!!:(


        om my goodness girl that is so horrible your mom and your grandmother shouldn’t treat you like that! I’m so sorry their not supporting you with your pregnancy but maybe its just taking them a while to be use to the fact that you are pregnant and that you will need their support. I’m sure they will lighten up and I’m sure that this is just all too big of a shock for them but by the time you have your baby they will have grown use to it. And with the whole thanksgiving thing where you spent it at the hospital that was really nice of you. i think their just thinking about themselves at this point, but im sure they think you did a good thing i believe that their just not able to admit that you actually made the right decision.

        good luck in the future tho
        i’ll pray for you

        = ]
        love, hannah


          your pregnancy is not ruining christmas. Your mother is ruining christmas with her attitude. I am so sorry she is acting like this. You have a right to spend it wherever you want with whoever you want. If you wanted to spend thanksgiving with your fiances family – thats fine. If you want to spend christmas with them too – go for it. Its your choice and your choice only what you do. Not theirs. Go where you feel most comfortable and dont feel guilted into anything.


            Girl that was a wonderful selfless thing you did for your fiance’s sister. God will bless you for it don’t you spend even a second feeling guilty for what you did because you grandmother is acting very selfishly (with all due respect). It is very unfair of them to blame the whole thing on your pregnancy I’m sure if you wasn’t pregnant you’de do the same thing. Your mother and grandmother obviously have their own issues with the fact your pregnant and as ar result are putting all the fustration they feel over everything on your pergnancy. You may need to just accept that your mum isn’t going to be on your side with this one but do what you feel is right and don’t be ashamed of it. You have a good right not to go to christmas at your grandmother’s house and you need to tell your mum that it is not you but your grandmother who will be f***** christmas up through her olding this grudge and taking on this attitude you also need to confront your grandmother and tell her clearly that you are in no way ashamed of your pregnancy and dont see it as nothing you have to dred ‘facing up to’…..hold your head high you duid a beautiful thing…:)


              Heck no! My baby boy is the highlight of Christmas. It’s his 1st X-Mas with him and he’s almost a year old! So, I know exactly how you feel. My mother is a druggie, an alcoholic and my younger siblings call me mom. YOur mom has NO right to make you second guess yourself. Stick to your gut. If you think they’ll be hateful don’t go. You don’t need all the stress on yourself. It’s hard enough being a teen mom, or soon to be mom. I know because I was pregnant last Xmas too. When are you due?

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