is my life over?

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      i found out about a month ago that im pregnant. it wasnt all that bad to hear at first. i was already engaged and the father was excited…hes the one person thta was…and it got me through the initial shock. being a chistian was the worst blow. questions like how are we going to tell my congregation and such. i couldnt tell my best friend. i guess thtas why my noe husband and i rushed to get married. getting used to being with him and a new child its getting overwhelming. and now im beginning to realize how difficult it is. im starting my 2nd trimester and im mixed up. in between wondering how were going to pay for a child and being happy and scared and worried. 🙁 my husband is in extream debt and only makes $100 a week while my hours at work got cut back majorly because of my pregnancy so i make barly $100 a week. im so scared right now. im not sure how to deal, and i feel like im the one who has to stay strong. i feel like i have to put on a front toward everyone…expecially my husband. its so much to have to deal with…


        Your life is only just beginning!!! Being a mothers is the best and most rewarding experince ever!!! I’m not gonna lie, money can get tight sometimes but you’ll get by. Plus at your baby shower you’ll get almost everythig you need, and i’m sure your chruch will help you.
        It gets crazy sometimes. Like when your trying to brush your teeth or do the dishes or trying to grap something to eat and your baby won’t stop crying. but when you see your baby smile and giggle your heart melts and makes everything worth it. I love waking up every morning to her smiley face. I love knowing that at the end of hectic day i can come home to her and none of that stuff matters. She could care less about what brand of clothes she’s wearing or what her swing looks like. all that she wants is love attention and thats all that matters, not what you buy her (or him in your case. which ever you have)

        good luck!! i’m sure you’ll do great!!


          oh sweetie
          you sound like i did fifteen and a half years ago- except that i didn’t get married. my son’s father and his family decided to bail on us… don’t get me wrong, it was a mutual agreement- and occasionally i wonder how different our lives would have been had he at least been a part time father- but we survived.
          like you, i was (and am) a christian and i had my church as well as my family’s support after we "went public" (we had to keep it quiet for as long as possible because i was still at school and would have had to leave if they found out about the baby). i still have my family although i no longer go to the same church.
          my advice- use the people around you who are willing to help. don’t try to do everything on your own.
          your life really isn’t over- my son is the centre of my little universe and i would not go back and change anything!
          it’s far from easy- but there is nothing more rewarding, and you are not alone.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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